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policeWe owe the safety and security of our community to Newburyport’s finest. These brave individuals don the police uniform every day in order to protect and serve our citizens, and to preserve our way of life. The Newburyport police department serves three main purposes: to enforce our laws, protect property, and limit civil disorder. All of these goals are part of safeguarding the lives and property of the people the police department serves, and we as a community owe them our deepest gratitude.

Our beautiful Newburyport is a peaceful, welcoming place for locals and tourists because of the environment our dedicated police members have preserved for us. We are able to offer New England’s best shopping and dining experiences knowing that the police are watching out for us. We love to walk through our downtown district and along the waterfront, and our traffic police ensure that the streets are safe.

During special events, parades, and other occasions, the Newburyport police act as a directing force for crowds and traffic, adding an extra layer of security. Their services are invaluable during any crisis—they courageously confront dangers which we hope never to face. Businesses and individuals alike can depend on the police for fast response during an emergency, from burglary to assault. The presence of police members alone is a strong deterrent to would-be criminals, thieves, and vandals. Without a solid, dependable, honest police force, our city would be a scary and dangerous place.

It’s incredibly important to know when and how to contact our Newburyport police force as situations arise. We are providing this information so that our citizens are better informed and prepared to make the call whenever an emergency deems it necessary. It is recommended to commit these numbers to memory, whether your own memory or your cell phone’s contact memory. Many families like to have these numbers written or printed on paper so it can be tacked to the refrigerator or kept by the phone. This way, the information is always on hand when it’s needed and no one has to waste valuable time looking it up during an emergency. We have gathered the information here for your convenience, as a service that we hope is helpful.

Remember to only call emergency services when it’s absolutely necessary. If a life is in danger, you should call 911 immediately, but for situations that aren’t life threatening, calling the Newburyport police is more appropriate. We can save lives by not tying up emergency phone lines and calling the police instead. We must all use our best judgment and be prepared ahead of time by visiting police force websites and reviewing when it is best to contact the police department.

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