Newburyporteans love to honor the past.


With history dating back to the 1600’s, Newburyport was notorious for shipping and shipbuilding. Now, thanks to our devoted preservationists and historians, Newburyport museums, historic tours, monuments and festivals allow us to learn and respect our town’s past.Many of landmarks have even become national attractions, including the Custom Maritime Museum. The Newburyport Historic District is listed on the National Register of Historic places. Or did you know the first flying field in New England was on the sand dunes and marshes of Plum Island Beach? Well, it was!

2015 Old Newbury Bonfire

Old Newbury Bonfire

The 5th Annual Old Newbury Bonfire & Christmas Tree Burn at Tendercrop Farm honors the original purchase of Newbury, MA in 1701 and benefits the Newbury Volunteer Fire Department.

Newburyport 250th Anniversary

Newburyport's future is anchored on the pasts of Privateers, Captains and Clammers. 2014 now marks the Newburyport 250th Anniversary celebrated through various benefits, art exhibits and a rockin' Clambake on Plum Island Beach.

Custom House Maritime Musuem

Learn Newburyport's maritime history through a collection of art, model clipper ships and famous shipwrecks.

Market Square Historic District

Showcasing Federal-style brick buildings and museums, Market Square is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.
US Coast Giard - North Shore Kid

US Coast Guard

The United States Coast Guard has protected our Nation's waters since the 1700's, and now calls Newburyport home.