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Newburyport is home to the best shopping opportunities on the North Shore, and because of that, many travel long distances to try shopping our way. In Newburyport, the richness of our history, the charm of New England juxtaposed with contemporary American style, and our vast selection of destinations combine to give you the shopping experience you’ve always dreamed about. Even window shopping in Newburyport is a fun and rewarding experience—you’re walking through a museum of unique shops and products that embody the spirit of beauty, functionality, and creativity. So, would we say that our Market Square takes shopping to an art form? Absolutely.

What would a perfect day of shopping in Newburyport be like?
We’ve crafted an example of what a perfect day of shopping in Newburyport would look like to give you a sample of what our town has to offer:

You wake up in your bed, and the first thing you see is sunlight flickering on your ceiling—reflecting off the wide Merrimack flowing beyond your window. You pull aside the curtains, open the window, and take it all in—the warblers chirping, the cool breeze, and the morning sun rising in Newburyport. After dressing, you head out the door with your Newburyport VIP card in hand, ready to experience an entire day out on the town. More than 150 shops are flipping over their OPEN signs to give you great deals, excellent service, and an unforgettable day!

Morning at Market Square
You begin the morning in Market Square, one of Newburyport’s most famous landmarks. First, you stop at a small café to enjoy breakfast—a freshly baked baguette and a steaming hot latte to give you the energy you’re going to need.  You wander down cobblestone streets of Storey Avnenue and amble into a used bookstore. Walking down the rows and running your finger over the old spines, you find some hardback early editions of your favorites: The Count of Monte Cristo, Love Sonnets by Pablo Neruda, and Pride and Prejudice. They’ll look perfect on your mantelpiece. At the import shop down the street, you meet up with friends and explore the products of other nations, sample tea, and chat with shop owners from other countries about how they came to be in Newburyport. You buy an ethnic-inspired lamp for your bathroom and a beautiful jewelry tree. You’re thoroughly enjoying yourself and don’t even realize that your stomach is grumbling from hunger. After you’ve managed to peel your eyes (and your friends’ eyes) away from lovely Market Street, you head to one of Newburyport’s finest pizzerias for a little mid-day snack. You and your companions take a short walk down Liberty Street to the Tannery, where you’re ready for more top-notch shopping.

Afternoon at the Tannery
As you approach the Tannery, you look out onto the Merrimack River, where boats are rushing across the surface and making white waves, or gently floating aloft on the water. It’s warm with an occasional breeze (perfect cardigan weather), and everything is just perfect. You’re getting great bargains on fabulous clothing and having the time of your life with those you love!

At the Tannery, you spend your money on fulfilling your senses—seeing, tasting, and touching. You all stop by a salon to get manicures and purchase your favorite shampoo. Feeling great, you decide to have a cheese tasting excursion at a nearby creamery. You’ve never been one for cheese, but then again, you’ve never had Brie, Havarti, or Mozzarella quite this good. Paired with fish (caught just that morning from the river), you’re convinced that cheese has helped you enter another dimension of taste bud nirvana.

You stroll through beautiful art galleries and feast your eyes on new pieces by excellent local artists who are hard at work capturing the essence of life. You purchase some thank you cards, and walk into boutique after boutique—all are filled with handcrafted jewelry, luxurious fabrics, and enchanting fragrances. Every purchase you make is worth its weight in gold, and soon enough, it’s time for dinner!

Strolling the Waterfront during Sundown

You and your friends decide to be adventurous, and you sample hors d’oeuvres at a variety of restaurants on Newburyport’s waterfront. That way, you all decided, you can eat and enjoy the lovely Newburyport skyline at the same time! The eclectic mixture of cuisines perfectly complements the tone of the night—not to mention your entire shopping experience in Newburyport. Plus, you mentally count all the money you were able to save with your Newburyport VIP card—over $200! That thought makes your day even more satisfying.

To end the night, you and your friends decide to cap the evening with a cool, refreshing gelato and take your last glances into the lit windows of Newburyport’s shops. You walk back to your hotel exhausted, but satisfied and pleased with your experience.

You drop your bags on the floor and crash into your bed, using the next few seconds to absorb it all. Your arms are tired and your legs are weak, but you’re happy with all you’ve acquired, and you’re happy with the memories you’ve made walking down cobblestone streets and enjoying quaint shops with your friends.  Shopping in Newburyport has been delightful—and you know you’ll leave the town grateful for the new shopping experience. But you also know that you’ll be back before long—you have to hit the stores you missed and see the new inventory that the shop owners told you about! Though you leave now, to go to your home or to sleep, Newburyport has captured a bit of your heart, and you know that you’ll be back.

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