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Ceia Kitchen + Bar: 42.810448, -70.870002
David’s Tavern on Brown Square: 42.810451, -70.873768
Glenn’s Restaurant & Cool Bar: 42.812292, -70.872505
Jewel In The Crown: 42.810249, -70.871211
Mr India Restaurant: 42.808401, -70.873573
Oregano Pizzeria & Ristorante: 42.810475, -70.870918
Park Lunch: 42.815153, -70.878408
Purple Onion: 42.811044, -70.870056
Riverside Cafe: 42.817573, -70.880734
Revitalive Cafe & Juice Bar: 42.810693, -70.866047
Food for Thought Market Place: 42.813323, -70.814151
Starboard Galley Restaurant: 42.811325, -70.866389
Lighthouse Preservation Society: 42.811248, -70.866072
Plum Island Coffee Roasters: 42.812057, -70.873147
Mission Oak Grill: 42.810851, -70.872591
Port City Sandwich Co.: 42.812584, -70.872127
The Port Tavern: 42.809202, -70.870685
17 State St Café: 42.810550, -70.869951
Szechaun Taste: 42.810243, -70.871199
Grand Trunk Old World Market: 42.810690, -70.872088
Greta\'s Great Grains: 42.810364, -70.871448
Eat Cake!: 42.811050, -70.870330
Warren Street Market & Deli: 42.816334, -70.880021
Buttermilk Baking Company: 42.811262, -70.869639
Angie\'s Food & Diner: 42.810036, -70.870750
FM Station Cafe: 42.799247, -70.875666
The Finest Kind: 42.816534, -70.879853
Black Duck Market & Deli: 42.810693, -70.866047
Famous Pizza: 42.823351, -70.900244
Leo\'s House Of Pizza: 42.799242, -70.875657
Nick’s Pizza: 42.814428, -70.877488
Sal’s Pizza: 42.821207, -70.902303
Brown Sugar By The Sea: 42.810443, -70.865267
The Grog Restaurant: 42.810572, -70.869318
Giuseppe’s Restaurant: 42.818863, -70.908602
Plum Island Beachcoma: 42.798722, -70.810771
Haley’s Ice Cream: 42.800018, -70.876752
Zac & Ani’s Bread: 42.811100, -70.869321
Fowle’s Market: 42.821909, -70.895548
Seaglass: 42.843388, -70.816124
Amesbury Golf & Country Club: 42.856252, -70.911136
Capri: 42.843194, -70.817474
Seaglass: 42.843388, -70.816124
Bucciarelli’s Butcher Shop & Deli: 42.820564, -70.866587
Nancy’s Marshview Cafe: 42.820430, -70.867725
Pat’s Diner: 42.839943, -70.860591
REAL International Emporium: 42.841094, -70.867835
Rico’s Café: 42.841191, -70.861203
Simon’s Roast Beef: 42.843791, -70.890602
Acropolis Pizza: 42.877551, -70.870483
Angelina’s: 42.822700, -70.866516
Niko’s Place Roastbeef: 42.844384, -70.895475
The Winner’s Circle: 42.843845, -70.897392
Lena’s Seafood: 42.867372, -70.887463
Park Lunch: 42.815153, -70.878408
Orange Leaf Frozen Yogurt: 42.811117, -70.870045
Taffy\'s: 42.809167, -70.870867
Buttercream Baking Company: 42.828801, -70.947744
Riverside Lounge: 42.857155, -70.930881
Crave Brasserie & Wine Bar: 42.857536, -70.928982
Ristorante Molise: 42.858032, -70.930011
Mandarin Amesbury: 42.842554, -70.953972
Route 110 Roastbeef & Seafood: 42.841425, -70.947292
Nick S Place of West Newbury: 42.782316, -71.009482
Brine Restaurant: 48.216038, 16.378984
The Gelato Place: 42.811304, -70.870252
Not Your Average Joes: 42.811623, -70.869922
Bob Lobster: 42.797205, -70.831777
Bob Lobster Cam Restaurant Map: 42.797016, -70.831412
Pandora’s Box Cam Restaurant Map: 42.810217, -70.871104
Newburyport Optiques Cam Restaurant Map: 42.810431, -70.870032
Orange Leaf Cam Restaurant Page: 42.811124, -70.870052
Smitten Cam Restaurant Page: 42.810518, -70.870380
Pandora’s Box II Cam Restaurant Map: 42.810475, -70.870918
Andiamo Restaurant + Bar: 42.811358, -70.876437

*Privileges subject to change without notice.

Featured Restaurant

Full Service Restaurants

17 State St Café

All American Tavern

Amesbury Golf & Country Club

Andiamo Restaurant + Bar

Brine Restaurant

Brown Sugar By The Sea


Ceia Kitchen + Bar

Crave Brasserie & Wine Bar

32 Elm Street, Amesbury MA
Privilege: 3 Course Dinner for Two & Bottle of Wine $55.00 (Tuesdays Only)
Details & Directions →

David’s Tavern on Brown Square

Giuseppe’s Restaurant

Glenn’s Restaurant & Cool Bar

Mandarin Amesbury

Mission Oak Grill

26 Green Street, Newburyport MA
Privilege: Free App up to $12 with purchase of 2 entrees Sun-Thur, Parties of 4 or less
Details & Directions →

Mr India Restaurant

Not Your Average Joes

Oregano Pizzeria & Ristorante

Park Lunch

Plum Island Beachcoma

Ristorante Molise

Riverside Lounge


Starboard Galley Restaurant

Szechaun Taste, Sushi Yen and Thai Cafe

19 Pleasant Street, Newburyport MA
Privilege: Free app or dessert with $50 purchase Mon-Thurs, dining in only. Not valid with lunch specials.
Details & Directions →

The Grog Restaurant

13 Middle Street, Newburyport MA
Privilege: Mon, Tues, Wed. 4-9pm Buy one entrée get one entrée of equal or lesser value 1/2 off.
Details & Directions →

The Port Tavern

Coffee House

Plum Island Coffee Roasters

Hilton's Marina 54R Merrimac Street, Newburyport, MA
Privilege: $2 off a pound of any of our freshly roasted varietals or blends
Details & Directions →


Angie’s Food & Diner

Black Duck Market & Deli

Bob Lobster

49 Plum Island Turnpike Newbury, MA
Privilege: Free ice cream cone with the purchase of a kid’s meal& senior discount of 10%; both good Monday thru Thursday
Details & Directions →

Bucciarelli’s Butcher Shop & Deli

147 Bridge Road Salisbury, MA
Privilege: Free 2lbs of Wings w/ 5 lbs of any marinated steak tips
Details & Directions →

Buttercream Baking Company

Buttermilk Baking Company

Eat Cake!

FM Station Cafe

Food for Thought Market Place

Fowle’s Market

Grand Trunk Old World Market

Greta’s Great Grains

Haley’s Ice Cream

Lena’s Seafood

Lighthouse Preservation Society

Newburyport Rear Range Light 61 1/2 Water Street, Newburyport, MA
Privilege: $20 Coffee mug with reservation
Details & Directions →

Nancy’s Marshview Cafe

155 Bridge Road, Salisbury MA
Privilege: Only $3 for 3 Pancakes and 3 Bacon Strips Breakfast anytime
Details & Directions →

Orange Leaf Frozen Yogurt

Pat’s Diner

Port City Sandwich Co.

40R Merrimac Street Suite 102E, Newburyport MA
Privilege: Purchase one Eggwich get the second 1/2 price, Mon-Fri between 8-10AM
Details & Directions →

Purple Onion

REAL International Emporium

Revitalive Cafe & Juice Bar

Rico’s Café

Riverside Cafe

Route 110 Roastbeef & Seafood

Simon’s Roast Beef


The Finest Kind

The Gelato Place

Warren Street Market & Deli

Pizza Shops

Acropolis Pizza

111 Lafayette Road, Salisbury MA
Privilege: Free Large Cheese Pizza w/ 2 Large Gourmet pizzas
Details & Directions →


Famous Pizza

Leo’s House Of Pizza

Nick S Place of West Newbury

33 Main St, West Newbury MA
Privilege: Buy a large pizza get small cheese Free,
Buy a Seafood plate get 2nd 50% off,
Buy Calzone get 2nd 50% off

Details & Directions →

Nick’s Pizza

Niko’s Place Roastbeef

Sal’s Pizza

The Winner’s Circle

211 Elm Street, Salisbury MA
Privilege: Buy 1 Large Pizza at regular price and get $2 off 2nd Large anytime
Details & Directions →

Newburyport Restaurants

More restaurants will be coming soon so check daily or sign up for updates! Click here for info.

Whether you want to head out for a night on the town or just grab something quick for a drive in the car with the kids, Newburyport restaurants can cater to your “need for feed.” With over 60 restaurants within the city limits, everyone is sure to find something that will tempt their palate.

Many of Newburyport's best restaurants for formal and semi-formal dining are located in the heart of the downtown in Brown's Square. During the summer, many eating establishments that line the river will open up their outdoor seating on the street-- perfect for pairing a culinary experience with a cultural one. Some restaurants feature decks for lovely waterfront dining at any time of day. Other fast food establishments are readily available within the vicinity of the city.

Not feeling like a full-fledged meal? Newburyport also boasts of excellent bakeries, candy and coffee shoppes, and frozen yogurt bars, to name a few places you can go to quench your midday (or midnight) cravings. Newburyport restaurants also support a thriving nightlife. With bars, karaoke, and live music offered around or within many of the restaurants, the good time after your dinner is literally waiting just around the corner.

Many Newburyport restaurants are also available to cater your next party, wedding banquet, or employee dinner. Newburyport restaurants in the vicinity of Browns square feature not only excellent food, but incredible architecture as they are housed in some of the city's oldest buildings.

For a memory your guests won't readily forget, find a Newburyport establishment that will be able to cater to your needs. You will definitely not be lacking in choices.

Our directory includes not only addresses, hours of operation, and price ranges for each Newburyport restaurant, but also reviews left by other customers. We know it's important to spend your money wisely-- your tastes and desires should coincide with the way your spend your money-- both figuratively and literally. Reviews are one of the best ways to get a feel for what a restaurant will be like, and can help you determine how to make your choice. You can also follow the links back to each of the Newburyport Restaurants to find and review the menus of each online. is the best place to look for restaurants when you are trying to decide where to go for your next meal. There are enough Newburyport restaurants to keep your favorites close but still have the ability to sample new foods and cuisines. Bon Appetit!

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