3 More Reasons in 2020 to Have an Interior Designer on your Team

By Debra Worthington, Newburyport.Com Correspondent
"Southern comfort meets New England proper" Debra Worthington, a well-seasoned professional Interior Designer, merges her southern upbringing and values with her New England traditions to assess your lifestyle. For your home or commercial space we design spaces with timeless beauty. Worthington Interior Design is located in Newburyport. Whether you're a traditionalist or modernist; we work in all genres- " antiques can always be infused with a bit of of playful urban-mix."
Worthington Interior Design

3 more reasons in 2020 to have an Interior Designer on your team– has become a recurring underlying need among all my social media and messaging apps.

First good reason to have an Interior Designer is to have your professional assess your entire goal. So you need an electrician to hang provide artwork lighting… this is a talent and although electricians can perform the work; it’s not always from a designer’s eye. Your Interior Designer can see the focus, the type of artwork mount needed and if your desired location is the best for your art. Your Interior Designer will suggest the correct lighting fixtures because Home Depot, to the masses light fixtures are not the same as the manufacturers. Highlighting your art with the correct fixtures, amount and type of light needs to be thought through or you can have a mess and a huge electrician invoice! Interior Designers are trained in placing artwork and working with electricians to minimize mistakes and keep the cost inline.

2nd good reason to have a design firm like  Worthington Interior Design is when I read “looking for a kitchen design/layout.” WOW this is scary just writing this—a kitchen layout is more than just a simple rehab that anyone with a construction sign can offer you.

When you are approaching a project that needs experience, sources and attention to detail;  this is an Interior Designer. We learn how you live “before” you just get a layout; it is vital to staying within your budget and truly understanding how your home flows. Today so many say they are seasoned but those of us who come with valid seasoned experience in both residential and commercial projects bring you another level of service, knowledge and professionalism.

Many potential clients say they redesigned this room or closet ;  only see that it’s not easily accessible, the furniture they purchased is only 3 months old already shows wear or they spent an exorbitant amount of money on 1 closet. Utilizing a skilled professional is there to keep you feeling good about the monies you are spending and making sure you’re whole design works.

This brings us to our 3rd good reason to have an Interior Design  on your team may be because you haven’t ever hired one before! We know with all the TV shows its makes it all look so easy—but having studying for many years with a bona fide Interior Design degree it is not as easy as it looks. One mistake can be extremely costly for homeowners! Worthington Interior Design is honed with having seen most everything and most importantly what does not work makes us a great member of your home team. Most of our clients have been with us for a very long time and call us for not just design needs; but for party planning layouts, holiday designs and special events and occasions. This is because we understand the whole and the client trust to help them make wise selections continuing to save our clients monies!

So as I see more and more neighborhood engagement it’s important to have Worthington Interior Design, the professional Interior Designer  for our home team, to carry out your vision and save you headache and heartache!