3 Valuable Tips for Arranging Artwork in Your Home

By Debra Worthington, Newburyport.Com Correspondent
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3 Valuable tips for arranging artwork on your walls and throughout your home. Often I get asked to help my clients hang their art or arrange their collectables in their home. First tip is to gather all the art into 1 room and begin to organize by size, subject or genre. This can take some time and is most important before anyone swings a hammer to nail! After you have made these select piles and you may mix all three ways just so you have separation. If you have sculpture pieces depending on the size or number you may need to make a special grouping for oversize or one-of-a-kinds.

Now looking at your piles, the 2nd tip for arranging artwork is to assign each piece to either a room or space that identifies with the furnishings or purpose of that room. For instance, if you have a room with a black and white color scheme you may want to use only black and white style art in that room. Or you may have a room with not a lot of color so choosing a grouping with lots of fun colors may really work nicely if the frames or pieces are not too heavy. If a room with neutral colors can be thrown off balance if the colors are too strong and the frames too heavy to hold the room or space together. In this case I would opt for colors that may be muted or pastel to go with the neutral furnishings in that room.

Tip 3 – Now that you have placed a grouping in the room or space : say you have 8 pieces of all different styles but the same subject as we mentioned above, you take the largest piece and lay it on the floor in front of the wall you are using. Then take the next few pieces say they are pair just smaller lay them next to the large piece and space them out using the middle of the large piece and do not let them exceed either the horizontal or vertical dimension of the large piece to find their final location.

Each time you lay down a piece and review if you like your arrangement be sure to take a photo of the layout recording it for hanging. Continue with the other pieces in the grouping placing them around the largest piece and relating them each piece you continue to place. This will create an interesting dialogue of your art and show you where it will fit best on your wall. If you have furniture on that wall it will also guide you with the starting heights. Many homeowners hang their art too high so keep in mind 60” above the floor onto the wall is the common site line dimension we use in the industry.

Using these 3 valuable tips for arranging artwork on your walls can make it a fun activity! However, if you need our help to solidify a special arrangement for your artwork call and make an appointment with us,  Worthington Interior Design 617-633-3005, we’d love to hang with you!

Happy spring!

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