3 Versatile Appliance Products for Your Home

By Debra Worthington, Newburyport.Com Correspondent
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versatile appliance products, Newburyport

As Interior Designers we are always looking for versatile appliance products to offer our clients, solving a whole host of space and design dilemmas. Hopefully you’re getting excited about the spring  weather coming soon!  So after some thought and some recent projects, the topic of versatile appliance products seemed to resonate as entertaining, doing less house work and having more fun outside is the order of the day!

The first versatile appliance product for many our clients to consider is under-counter washers and dryers from Miele. You may need to gain more space near the back door or mudroom or even laundry on the 2nd floor all while having your space still looking fresh and modern. I bet you have seen these units in European homes. They actually install them in their kitchens! Solving clients design dilemmas with laundry rooms and basements; these versatile appliance products check every box especially when it comes to our beloved mudrooms in New England! Take a look at these quiet and efficient washers and dryers for any of your space saving needs.

Our 2nd versatile appliance product is fromUline and Marvel.  Try the dual under-counter wine and beverage refrigerators.  The Uline 3000 makes a wonderfully designed product that can alleviate the headaches of storing drinks and taking up precious space and real estate in your main refrigerator. The Marvel line has a back light color and they each have some nifty options. You can even spread them apart in your kitchen if they work better with your room layout. Having these appliance products means your kids can get to their juice or other drinks by themselves at their level. You can lock a side if you want to store alcoholic beverages. You can otherwise stock these fridges with all the mixers, lemons and limes for your adult beverages;  keeping them all in one place. You will be amazed how much space you regain in your main refrigerator and how a simple appliance product for your home can make your life easier!

And third and last versatile appliance for your home is a built-in coffee system.   Miele makes a wonderful system that can be built-in to your cabinetry which immediately helps to keep your kitchen counters clutter free. It pays for itself within a year and you can have gourmet coffee right in your own home without taking up counter-top real estate. Have a party and it’s easy to offer coffee at the end of a meal without having to count people before you make a pot. Miele’s ease of use coffee system makes a cup of java well worth having it at home!

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day and spring is on its way!

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