Add some GREEN to your Home Interiors

By Debra Worthington, Newburyport.Com Correspondent
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Add some GREEN to your Home Interiors

Green is the color of the year, it signifies Spring is near, it means asparagus is peaking and English peas are ready! We all identify Green with the month of March for obvious reasons; so let WorthingtonInterior Design add some green to your home interiors!

So how does one begin to include the correct shade of green into their existing home you ask? Take inventory of your artwork, dishes, lamps and patterned upholstery pieces to see if you have any shades of green, green-blues, or greenie-yellows among them. Then decide if you like this shade of green, if so let’s begin.

Now green accessories are an easy and affordable way to bring the new fresh color into your home. I like to start with actual plants and flowers as they always brighten up your home after a long winter and add some green to your home interiors.

Jewel toned green linen or velvet fabrics are lush. Schumacher always offers us many options to blend green into our color palates.

Green seems to be easy to live with because it falls between yellow and blue and where many people may not like blue or yellow they will find green is easy on the eyes. Throughout my design career many of my male clients are drawn to greens and oranges especially and then to the blues. Not sure why that is but in presenting color palettes and finishes this has been my experience. Also even though I love blue I feel greens endure and one doesn’t get tired of the color as quickly.

Green also means environmentally friendly and doing our part to save the planet for our children! Every little bit of being green in our life helps everyone.

We would love to help you to bring some fresh spring colors into your home now that the weather is changing and the sun is getting warmer. Wallpaper is so cool now, Schumacher is doing it right this Spring, check out their patterns with green and add some green to your home interiors.

So how to be the envy of your friends this spring, call Worthington Interior Design so we can get you started on finding the chic and hip greens to mark the beginning of Spring!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day — as my Dad used to say “see you at the courthouse.”

“Today is St. Patrick’s Day, and for the first time in my life, I didn’t know who to call when I woke up. My family has
had a long-standing St. Patty’s Day joke for as long as I can remember. My Dad grew up in the south and had a big
boisterous laugh and always a joke on hand. When we were kids, he’d convinced us one St. Patrick’s Day that as the oldest male in the family, he was required to go down to the courthouse to get his bottom painted green. This, of
course, resulted in bouts of big belly laughs from my sisters, brother and me; so he did what anyone does when you
get a child to laugh like that…you keep the joke going. Every year, we’d laugh as we asked Dad to make sure he got
his butt painted green. Let’s face it, anytime you can say the word “butt” as a kid, you find it hilarious. He’d include
details about how long he had to wait, or how the judge ran out of paint and had to send the bailiff out to the hardware store to get more, or how he ran into his buddy while he was there. Every year as an adult, I still called Dad on St. Patrick’s Day anyway to hear him laugh and embellish the story. We laughed each year like it was the first time we’d heard the story and he loved to share this silly little joke with us.”