Allergies in Dogs: Fight Back with Simple Solutions

By Kim Casey, Newburyport.Com Correspondent
Kim is a huge animal lover and proud owner of two labs. Kim is also an Internet marketer and works closely with The Beach Dog Daycare in Newburyport. She enjoys writing and researching combined with blogging. She is an independent marketer and is self-employed but being an animal lover The Beach Dog Daycare is one of her favorite clients.
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Allergies in Dogs, Newburyport MA

Guess what? Allergies aren’t just on the rise in humans, more and more pets are being diagnosed each year.  Allergies in dogs can be triggered by many more stimulants than ever before. Dr Denise Petryk summarizes that the rise in dog allergies is thought to be influenced by a range of factors: food additives, genetically modified foods, pollen’s, environmental allergens, and fleas. Some pets are easily triggered by other environmental factors such as cigarette smoke, household cleaners, and mold. Most of us know the importance of feeding our animals top quality foods and we do practice good dietary habits, but what  if the allergies are not triggered by food? What can we do to help lessen the symptoms of environmental allergies in dogs?

The first step is to create a spring regimen that boosts Rovers immune system, and combats against allergies in dogs. Try a simple wipe-down a few times a day. This removes pollen and prevents it from penetrating your dogs coat and settling on their skin. Add extra spray-downs during the day. A simple run through the sprinkler, a game with the garden hose, or a toddler pool with clean water is all that you need. Not only does it keep Fido pollen free, but it’s refreshing on those hot summer days. Add an oatmeal bath. There are a lot of products on the market that have healing properties such as aloe, and evening primrose. Note: don’t use any type of oat products if your dog’s itchy skin is yeast related. Always consult your doctor. The right diet can boost your dog’s immune system. Like humans dogs are designed to eat real foods, mostly meat but vegetables too. Most dog foods contain starch and starch is an inflammation instigator. knowing your dog’s food tolerances is very important but a diet in lean meat and veggies is perfect for building your dog’s immune defenses. Below is a list of eatables that are natures immune builders…you and your dog should add them to your diet.

Fight allergies in dogs with food.

  • Fish oil supplements
  • Vitamin D supplements
  • Rosemary
  • Biotin
  • Coconut oil
  • Echinacea
  • Peppermint
  • Plain yogurt
  • Vitamin C
  • Pumpkin
  • Diatomaceous earth

If you’re already familiar with diatomaceous earth than it’s an amazing way to kill internal parasites. It can also be used topically to kill fleas. But if you’re not familiar with diatomaceous earth you should research more before using it.

If you’re applying all of these new routines and your not seeing any results you may want to consult your vet for more aggressive relief to fight allergies in dogs.

Let’s hope that by simply modifying our spring pet regimen we can combat the discomfort associated with allergies. These steps just might help your furry friends get through the allergy season with little to no symptoms. But always keep in close contact with your vet when it comes to combating allergies in dogs.

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