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With the different temperatures that New Englanders face during the four seasons, some are finding it nice to come home to a house that is the perfect temperature and also saving money at the same time. “The Nest” smart thermostat is what is helping your neighbors achieve this savings.

“The Nest” smart thermostat is a programmable thermostat that takes cares of heating and cooling your home. You can set it manually from the actual device hanging on your wall just like your current thermostats with the older technology. You can program the thermostat from anywhere, such as your PC, laptop, or smartphone. The app for your smartphones comes free with the thermostat.

As you use “The Nest” it will eventually learn the temperatures you like your house to be and the time you like it to be those temperatures. It will learn every time you turn the ring, you will eventually find yourself using the ring less and less to control the temperature. It will eventually take over the control of your homes temperatures and keep you comfortable at night and then it will remember what time you wake and make sure your home is the correct temperature. It does not matter the season, it will always learn and keep its memory.

What if you have a great ski trip planned but do not want to leave your home because you afraid of some frigid temperatures that you heard are coming? Not to worry, “The Nest” thermostat has an away feature where you can set it and not have to worry at all while you are away. How about security of your home, “The Nest” thermostat has you covered. You can hook up a camera to the system and watch what is happening at your home live.

“The Nest” is eventually going to help you start saving money and energy. “The Nest” has a leaf that pops up on the screen of the thermostat and that means you are saving money. You might be using heat, but you can still save money with “The Nest” smart thermostat. Contact the experts at Soffron Electrical for assistance with “The Nest” and other great energy saving products.