First Wedding Dance Song – How to Choose?

By Dale Grasso, Newburyport.Com Correspondent
Wedding Dance Creator, Dale Grasso has extensive experience helping couples prepare for all aspects of their first wedding dance. Dale competed in ballroom dance for over 10 years and has a degree in Exercise Physiology. Dale takes a consultative approach, encouraging couples to invest time upfront making decisions together about their wedding songs. Once a strong plan is developed, Dale enjoys working with couples to create and perfect the routine and specific dance moves.
First Wedding Dance Song Dale Grasso, Newburyport MA

How do we select a song for our first wedding dance? As a Wedding Dance Creator here in Newburyport, I get asked this question often. Here goes… contrary to popular belief, the first dance song does not have to be “your song.” It doesn’t have to have some deep meaning. Although it could have special significance, that should not be the primary criteria when selecting a song. Keep it simple and just find a song that you both like. and can picture yourselves dancing to on your special day. It should be motivating to you, happy, inspirational, or just plain fun and exciting.

Even though you may like the words to a song or feel it tells “your story,” it may not be the best song for your first wedding dance. The beat may be too slow or the song might be unexciting. It is also really important to realize that sometimes it may be hard to clearly hear the words to a song. If you choose a song because you love the words, but the guests can’t hear them, then then the meaning may not be understood. In my extensive experience, a dull song makes for a dull dance! If your goal is for the first dance to be memorable and have “wow factor” it is important to choose the optimal song. It’s obvious when a couple is having fun and it naturally helps create a strong connection with their wedding guests.

The First Dance is a very Important aspect of the wedding. All eyes will be on you and it’s your time to present yourselves as a couple. The first wedding dance sets stage for the rest of the wedding. When selecting a song, think uplifting, exciting, or something unexpected. Make sure to consider the rhythm and length of the song in order to ensure the right fit. Make it the best possible dance to compliment all the effort that went into the wedding planning. An incredible dance makes the wedding even more memorable for you and your guests. Not to mention, you’re certain to have a great time out there on the dance floor! Let’s Dance!

As you can see I am passionate about dance and really enjoy helping couples plan all aspects of music and dancing in preparation for their special day. If you would like help planning for your first dance and perfecting your dance moves, check out my Facebook page  and give me a call, 508 612 8154.  If by chance you happen to be moving to the area and need help finding a home or you already live here and need help selling your home, I am also an experienced realtor.