By Pam Doherty, Newburyport.Com Correspondent
Owner of The Beach Dog, Pam is committed to providing top level service for her clients. Pam has created a fun, safe, clean and nurturing environment for dogs to enjoy. A visit to the Beach Dog is like a visit to a great dog park and a spa all in one. Pam has a very loyal following because they know that Pam and her staff care for all dogs as if they were their own.
The Beach Dog Doggie Day Care
Beach Dog Thank You, Newbury MA

I am so happy to have the new location open and running but I could not have done it all by myself…I would like to send out a heart felt Beach Dog thank you to all my friends and member’s of the community for all of your patience and support.

To the Romp and Roll clients that have helped us manage the business within the crazy days of transition, thank you for your help and support as well. I look forward to the addition of your dogs into The Beach Dog Daycare.

This same gratitude goes without saying to all of my personal clientele. The merge of the two daycares would not have been a success without your patience and support. Thank you.

I have received an amazing amount of support via The Beach Dog Facebook Page from the very start of the page being launched. As my page “likes” grew, I have to admit there was a humbling of my heart. I cannot thank the community enough for a tremendous welcoming.

With all that being said I wanted to take a minute to introduce you to a few new sectors that will be a part of the amenities that are The Beach Dog Daycare. Through the daycare facility we will be offering professional dog training and grooming in this way we will be a full service daycare. The facility is monitored during business hours and you can view your animal’s day-to-day activities via the web cam system we have installed throughout the daycare facility. Lastly we are the only facility that has a PureAire system. To learn more about this please visit the websites facility page.

Once again we send a Beach Dog thank you to everyone that helped me make my new adventure a success, I am truly grateful.

Thank you sincerely, Pam Doherty, not just the owner but a client as well.