Clearing Air Vents

Reminder to Residents

Reach out for help if needed

Clearing Air Vents of Snow & IceAs a reminder to the residents of Plum Island, the Newburyport Department of Public Works (DPS) stresses the importance of clearing air vents of snow and ice.

While difficult to observe our rooftops and clear our vents (candy canes), especially with one storm after the next, vents allow air to run properly. Clearing them is critical to our health and safety, as well as to prevent systems from failing.

Our partners at UAV Look offer a great roof inspection service using aerial photography and videography.

Jared Ricker of Caswell Mechanical | Heating, Plumbing & Air also says we should look for yellow signs where furnace and boiler vents are located to help find them.

Emergency Information

If at anytime you want to check in on the status of the parking ban, the “Blue Lights” will be turned on at the start of the ban. When they shut off, you’re in the clear.

Or for updates, please call the Snow Emergency / Parking Ban Line: 978-463-0472 or 978-465-4464 ext. 1797.

And if you’re able to assist those in need of shoveling, please contact the COA Director Roseann Robillard at 978-462-8650 or

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