Commercial Interior Design What and How

By Debra Worthington, Newburyport.Com Correspondent
"Southern comfort meets New England proper" Debra Worthington, a well-seasoned professional Interior Designer, merges her southern upbringing and values with her New England traditions to assess your lifestyle. For your home or commercial space we design spaces with timeless beauty. Worthington Interior Design is located in Newburyport. Whether you're a traditionalist or modernist; we work in all genres- " antiques can always be infused with a bit of of playful urban-mix."
Worthington Interior Design
Commercial Interior Design, Newburyport

Now seems like a good time to introduce you to our other design service Commercial Interior Design what and how. Commercial Interior Design is comprised of office, retail, and hospitality/restaurant type of projects. When commercial clients are outgrowing their existing space, need test-fits of spaces for lease, or just a new venture or business that may require commercial style space; hiring a qualified Interior Designer can make your project a smooth success!  For instance, when we perform interviews to gather programming to analyze your needs and plan for future growth—this stretches your funds and insures value earned.

Designing for Retail or Hospitality/Restaurant clients is best served when their brand is threaded throughout the design, selected space and in all their marketing materials and signage. Worthington Interior Design is very adept at analysis merged with creativity to bring a winning commercial interior design space to life.

It was once said “Trendy is close to Tacky” so it’s enormously important for us to listen to our client’s needs and deliver stellar design that is both highly functional and unique. Timeless design for commercial interior design spaces is curated and studied. Each client is different each company or hotel is different offering their clientele a unique experience to work with them. So its incumbent upon interior designers like us at Worthington Interior Design to stay educated and informed to meet each type of commercial client we encounter.

After Programming is gathered, Space Planning is taking the client’s requirements and developing the space plan to mirror the program. Once the Space Plan is approved we move into the next phase of work called Design Development.

Design Development is where we develop the 3D aspects of the space plan. We address the walls, ceilings, floors and lighting. Each of these components is presented with materials or photos or samples. The client works closely with us as we begin to bring their company to fruition.

Construction Documents are drawn for actual construction. Any consultants required are engaged. These may encompass acoustical, structural engineering, or lighting consultants. Each consultant submitting design and construction drawings is included in the overall clients complete set of construction documents (CDs). The next step is to bid out the plans, select a General Contractor and manage the Construction Administration.

Worthington Interior Design is well versed in all areas of Commercial Interior Design. So if you are looking to be on the cutting edge with your unique business, commercial interior designers are well worth having on your team!