Design and Renovate your Basement

By Debra Worthington, Newburyport.Com Correspondent
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Design and renovate your Basement creating a multi-use retreat for your family.  After plowing through winter and spending so much more time at home you may decide the basement can be renovated to include more storage space, entertainment, and a new exercise room. Meeting with your Interior Architect which is your Interior Designer to discuss your ideas on how to renovate your basement!

How about a storage space for luggage or winter clothes? Or adjacent to your exercise room with your new Peleton and yoga home studio you might want to add an additional bathroom?

There are so many ideas that can be compartmentalized easily in a basement it like extra space you never realized you had available.

Your basement might walk out to the backyard and the idea of a prep kitchenette might also be an idea for your basement renovation.  A beverage fridge or even an icemaker and small fridge can help you get the burgers made and ready to go on the grill as soon as the weather warms.

These days your wildest ideas are not so wild anymore and sitting down with your Interior Designer to develop a plan that will become your construction documents for the General Contractor your Interior Designer vets while managing your project and construction administration will make your project a smooth experience. You see your Interior Designer is your Interior Architect for the inside of your home.

So, creating another hang out space for your family to entertain and workout will expand your home value. Design and renovate your Basement to include a workbench or arts and crafts area for your children’s school projects will give your kitchen table a break!

If you are thinking of any renovation or redesign for your home, Worthington Interior Design has well over 25 years creating more livable and well- designed homes as well as workable office and commercial space. So, get in touch Worthington Interior Design 617-633-3005 and let us design and renovate your Basement, Office, or Retail space! Happy Spring!

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