Design Techniques to Perfect Your Family’s Interiors

By Debra Worthington, Newburyport.Com Correspondent
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Here’s 5 Design Techniques to Perfect Your Family’s Interiors whether you have just moved or browsing for interior design techniques.  Worthington often suggests these ideas which can be incorporated with minimal effort and money. Sometimes adding small things make the most impact. Adding a mirror or a precious heirloom to a room-scape instantly personalizes your home. Obviously painting and rearranging furniture will alter your space as well.


5 Design Techniques to Perfect Your Family’s Interiors most likely includes the perfect place or room to hang out. So adding some of these design elements can enhance your family’s room and experience while watching TV or playing games:

  • Try a large sectional sofa or 2 sofas
  • Oversize ottomans
  • Floor pillows
  • Game table for puzzles or games
  • Add SONOS surround sound system for your music and theater experience and you can add on speakers or rooms, even outdoor speakers.


Take a look at these ensuring a perfect interior for your family clever ideas to inspire you!


  1. Enlarge your room with lighter colors
    Your Living Room may have larger windows which help to reflect natural light and enhances the room size. Choose some soft tones and layer texture an pattern to complete the space. If you prefer cozier spaces you may opt for darker color tones. View more detailed recommendations for selecting interior colors.


  1. Adding a decorative mirror
    Mirrors are always a win-win within the Interior Designers “bag of tricks”. It can amplify, warm or create space within space. Group several sizes of the same shape of mirror and you have an instant art wall ensemble.


  1. Mixing old and new and implementing “High ‘n Low” design techniques
    Place your family heirlooms together in a grouping of like-kind or scatter pieces among your new furniture pieces and rooms. Worthington Interior Design makes it a standard practice to reflect you and your family’s history, travels, and hobby into your home’s interiors. High ‘n Low is our technique for adding less expensive treasures from some of your favorite retailers (i.e. Ikea, Williams Sonoma, Pottery Barn, Crate and Barrel) alongside your family heirloom -art work, antique chairs, rugs or accessories. The juxtaposed items create an interesting interior design effect.


  1. Slipcovers offer style options
    Slipcovers for sofas and chairs offer you design styles for 2 or more seasons. You can have your piece already upholstered in a heavy fabric suitable for winter and fall but try adding a linen or cotton chintz slip cover for spring and summer. Your options for fabrics and color are endless.


  1. Rugs
    Here again, adding rugs or cotton colorful throw rugs ( i.e Dash & Albert) for the summer can give your space your own design twist. Or you may add heavy carpets and rugs for the winter and fall and actually take up the rugs for spring and summer! They are quick fun and easy design ideas giving great design impact. There are endless possibilities for perfect house plans ideas for your family.


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