DIY Dog Ice-Block Treat Equals Cool Canines

By Kim Casey, Newburyport.Com Correspondent
Kim is a huge animal lover and proud owner of two labs. Kim is also an Internet marketer and works closely with The Beach Dog Daycare in Newburyport. She enjoys writing and researching combined with blogging. She is an independent marketer and is self-employed but being an animal lover The Beach Dog Daycare is one of her favorite clients.
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Create a great treat to cool off your Hot-Dog this summer with the DIY Dog Ice-Block Treat. Its easy and just takes one or two nights to freeze depending on how big of a cube you decide to make.

What You Need to Make a Dog Ice-Block Treat

  • Plastic Tub or Bowl
  • Chew Toys
  • Treats
  • Water
  • Freezer

This is a really simple little project you can do for your dog to help in the summer heat. I recommend using some toys that your dog is already attached to and add a few new ones. I use toys that I know my dog is familiar with because a new Dog Ice-Block treat might be confusing to your pet the first time he or she sees it. Having familiar toys and some yummy treats will entice your dog to start licking at the Dog Ice-Block treat. Check out our full blog on tips for keeping your Hot-Dog a Cool Canine.

Layer One: Add a few treats and toys to the plastic tub or bowl of your Dog Ice-Block then add a layer of water about half way up the container. Freeze over night.

NOTE: Some items may float to the top of your Dog Ice-Block treat. This is ok because they will be locked in to the next layer. If you’re only doing one layer it will stick out of the ice-block enough to attracted your dog to start licking.

Layer Two: After the first layer hardens add the remainder of your toys and treats then freeze again. Remember its good for some toys to float to the top and protrude from the Dog Ice-Block Treat.

Creating a Dog Ice-Block Treat can also be made ahead of a heat wave and left in the freezer for those hot-Dog days in the future! No more hot-dogs just a pack of cool canines.