Downtown Trick or Treat: A Newburyport Spooktacular Tradition

By Laura Bentley, Newburyport.Com Correspondent
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Downtown Trick or Treat, Newburyport Trick or Treat

Downtown Trick or Treat is an exciting annual event that transforms the city of Newburyport into a Halloween wonderland. From 4 to 5 pm on Friday, October 27th, 2023, the streets will come alive with the laughter of children dressed in a creative array of costumes. Local business owners put in extra effort to make the evening special, some decorating their storefronts with spooky decorations and many wearing Halloween costumes and attire to join in the fun. This is a night when the whole community comes together, proud to collectively create lasting memories from this timeless tradition. Newburyport is also host to a couple of additional trick or treat events hosted by the City of Newburyport. Find details in the lower part of this article or check the Newburyport Events Calendar for a an extensive summary of events in Newburyport and surrounding towns.

The anticipation of downtown trick or treat is about more than just candy. This pre-Halloween event gives kids a chance to run into friends and proudly showcase their costume before the big night! You’ll see tiny ghosts, enchanting fairies, and even the latest trending characters from popular movies and television series. The streets are a kaleidoscope of colors, fabrics, and masks, each revealing the unique personalities of those beneath the costumes. Parents often join in the fun, either by wearing costumes or participating in themed ensembles with their children. It’s a heartwarming sight to witness, as entire families embrace the spirit of Halloween, a holiday that celebrates togetherness, creative imagination, and the thrill of the unknown.

The allure of Downtown Trick or Treat is undeniable, so make sure to arrive early. The event lasts for just one hour, from 4 to 5 pm, making it all the more cherished and exciting. Families are encouraged to allow for adequate time to find parking and to consider enjoying a delicious meal at one of Newburyport’s amazing family friendly restaurants after the event.

Newburyport’s Downtown Trick or Treat is more than just a Halloween event; it’s a tradition that binds the community, celebrating the essence of the season, creativity, and the joy of childhood. So, mark your calendars to be part of the excitement that transforms Newburyport’s downtown into a spooktacular wonderland. It’s an event that promises to create cherished memories for families and leave visitors with a lasting impression of the warm and welcoming spirit of our picturesque coastal community.

In addition to Downtown Trick or Treat, hosted by local retailers and restaurants, Newburyport’s City Hall is host to a separate trick or treat on Thursday night, October 26 from 5 – 7 pm, offering Halloween fans the chance to get a head start on Halloween, vising each of the City of Newburyport departments for special teats!

The official Newburyport Trick or Treat will take place as always on Halloween night which for 2023 will take place on Tuesday, October 31st from 5:30 – 7:30 pm. There are many additional Halloween events for kids as well as adults hosted throughout the community. Make sure to download the Newburyport App, and select Events Calendar to easily view local events throughout the community.

Newburyport Trick or Treat Summary:
City Hall Newburyport:  Thursday, 10/26 from 5 – 7 pm
Downtown Trick or Treat:  Friday, 10/27 from 4 – 5 pm
Official Trick or Treat:  Tuesday, October 31st from 5:30 – 7:30 pm

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