Election Results – Newburyport Elects Mayor Sean Reardon

By Laura Bentley, Newburyport.Com Correspondent
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Election Results, Newburyport Mayor Sean Reardon

Election results for the competitive 2021 Newburyport Mayoral race and School Committee seats were announced on Tuesday evening, November 2nd. Congratulations to Sean Reardon, Newburyport Mayor Elect. The City of Newburyport initial election results count credited Reardon with 3,204 votes and Tontar with 3,182 votes, separating the candidates by only 22 votes. Thank you to Councilor Tontar for his service on the City Council and his strong candidacy for Newburyport Mayor.

Voter turnout was exceptionally high considering the ballot did not include national candidates. Approximately 50% of the registered voters showed up to cast their vote. Newburyport City Clerk, Richard Burke Jones spent considerable time confirming election results after the initial count in order to ensure accuracy.

Mayor Elect Sean Reardon will replace Mayor Donna Holaday who has served the City of Newburport for the past 12 years and will be credited for the completion of many important projects including: the parking garage, the waste water treatment plant, the Bresnahan Elementary and the Senior Center and many more. Mayor Elect Sean Reardon is enthusiastic to step into the role and has prioritized projects such as: streets & sidewalks, the waterfront, economic development, affordable housing, energy & environment, parks, public infrastructure and watershed protection, traffic safety, education, preservation and NYS.

Congratulations as well to the 2021 School Committee candidates. Election results indicate that voters chose Brian Callahan, Sarah Hall and Juliet Walker to serve on the Newburyport School Committee for the next four years. Brian Callahan was reelected to his position where he has served as Vice Chair. Sarah Hall and Juliet Walker are newly elected School Committee Members. They will serve with existing School Committee members: Bruce Menin and Sheila Spalding who each have two years remaining on their current term. As Mayor, Sean Reardon will serve as Chairperson of the School Committee and a special appointment will be made in January by the School Committee and City Council to fill the open seat previously held by Sean Reardon.

Newburyport School Committee Sarah Hall

Newburyport School Committee Juliet Walker







Election Results, Brian Callahan, Newburyport School Committee











Election results were very straight forward for City Council candidates as they all ran unopposed and were elected to a two year term. The following is a list of the Ward City Council Members: Ward 1 – Sharif Zeid, Ward 2 – Jennie Donahue, Ward 3 – Heather Shand, Ward 4 – Christine Wallace, Ward 5 – James McCauley, Ward 6 – Byron Lane. Jennie Donahue of Ward 2 is a newly elected council member.

The following is a list of the City Councilors at Large: Edward Cameron Jr., Afroz Khan, Constance Preston, Bruce Vogel and Mark Wright. Afroz Khan and Bruce Vogel were reelected to their positions.

If you need general information on how to register to vote in future elections or just want to confirm your registration status, visit our Newburyport.com voting and election information summary article. You can also find general information regarding Newburyport’s Congressional District.