Floral Design Classes at Nunan’s – Develop Your Creativity!

By Steve Flynn Sr., Newburyport.Com Correspondent
Steve Flynn Sr. has worked in the greenhouse business since he was in his teens and has owned Nunan’s for over thirty years. Nunan’s is a family oriented and run business with three generation actively involved in the business. Steve enjoys the ever changing seasons of the greenhouse industry, and has built the business to be for both retail and wholesale customers .
Nunan Florist & Greenhouses
Nunan's Floral Classes

Develop your creativity by signing up for Nunan’s 2024 floral design classes. Nunan Florist & Greenhouses is a highly respected family run garden center in Georgetown, MA, known throughout the North Shore community for their exceptional floral design classes. Whether you’re an experienced  floral enthusiast eager to enhance your skills or a beginner gardener in search of fun Things to Do, Nunan’s floral classes are are the perfect opportunity to develop skills and knowledge.  Register for these very popular seasonal classes and let your creative side shine!

Details for other upcoming events will be added as soon as details are released and information will be posted related to the annual Nunan’s Spring Open House as well. Check out our list of classes below. To register, please call us at (978) 352-8172 or email

Macramé Class
Saturday, February 3rd at 2 PM

What is old is new again. Macramé hangers are trendy again and we will use our knot tying skills…or you will learn knot tying skills, to make a macramé hanger. These are perfect for your home, apartment or office as we will be making these in a neutral color. Once we have finished the hangers, you will select a small trailing plant and repot it into a plastic that will fit into your newly made hanger. You can watch it grow into a beautiful hanging plant in its new hanger.

This class will be held in the greenhouse.

The fee for this class is $30.00.

Primroses and Cookies, Children’s Class
Saturday,  February 10th at 3:30 PM

Your child will make a great gift to give someone for Valentine’s Day!  We will plant a primrose into a white terracotta pot, add Valentine’s Décor and package it for you to give for Valentine’s day.

Then we will decorate sugar cookies for you to take home with you using frosting and sprinkles that will make a yummy Valentine’s treat for your child and family (if your child shares them)

This class will be held at the Cafe.

The fee for this class is $25.00.

Whether you sign up for our floral design classes or just come stop in for the open house, a trip to Nunan’s is sure to spark your Spring fever!