Metzy's Taqueria, Newburyport MA

As one of the area’s premier mobile restaurants, Metzy’s  Taqueria has found a way to dig deeper and make a strong food hold in the Greater Newburyport coastal community.  With solid patron backing and many local businesses enlisted to make a dream a reality, Metzy’s Cantina will open by July at Newburyport’s MBTA Train Station platform to expand this eatery’s hours to breakfast, lunch and dinner.  And did we say Happy Hour too?  Very happy on all fronts.  And a Happy Birthday is in order this week, as Metzy’s Taqueria Turns Two on Friday, May 20th.

So how is it that a mobile restaurant has grown to a brick and mortar establishment so quickly?  Owner Erik Metzdorf shares:

  1. Know your patrons. Take time to make it a fun and meaningful experience.  Are the menu items compelling?  Is it a delicious meal that visitors will rave about?  Is the location selfie-worthy?  Let your visitors spread the word about the brand experience.
  2. Control your costs. To meet growing demand, it became evident after 6 months that a commercial kitchen needed to be secured.  It made smart business sense to also double this as a restaurant and cantina with expanded hours of operation.  The added benefit was finding a location that has daily volume of foot traffic and minimal competition.
  3. Work towards a plan. Metzy’s 2016 Business Plan took a third place win at the Enterprise Center at Salem State University’s competition, earning dollars and bragging rights with no other restaurants in the Top Ten finalists.  Develop short term AND long term goals with a plan to implement, that you commit to and make decisions by – to keep you on your path to success.
  4. Let opportunities unfold. The idea of a food truck is a relatively novel idea in New England and gaining popularity, following mobile restaurant success in the southwestern states.  Realizing a viable expansion opportunity came later, in tandem with finding a commercial kitchen, as demand and special requests came from all over New England.

Metzdorf worked tirelessly to bring the city and state’s MBTA Newburyport platform and building back to a place that will welcome patrons with a meaningful dining experience.  “Metzy’s is known for our delicious food and unique, flavorful recipes – always delivering fresh food fast.  This experience will translate into the new venue by keeping to our roots at the cantina.”  Customers will still order at the “window” at the new venue, as they’ve designed elements of the truck to be present inside the cantina for an added playful experience.  Sure to be a selfie hotspot.

So as Metzy’s Taqueria TURNS TWO they seek more help.  Do you enjoy hosting and serving folks?  Or are you a master in the world of culinary arts?  Do you love all things food related?  And enjoy good vibes and music and culture in a productive atmosphere?  Then they want to speak to you!  Email Metzy’s general manager at to start the conversation and join the Metzy’s team!