Inauguration Ceremony Swearing-In Newburyport’s Mayor Reardon

By Laura Bentley, Newburyport.Com Correspondent
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The 2022 Newburyport Inauguration Ceremony and swearing-in was held, Monday, January 3rd, 2022 at Newburyport City Hall. Recently elected City Council Members and School Committee Members were sworn-in prior to the ceremony and all new and existing city officials were in attendance as Mayor-Elect Reardon officially became Mayor Reardon during the inauguration ceremony. Mayor Sean Reardon and his Wife Jessie, who provided tremendous support every step of the way, watched proudly as their three children: Sadie, Ruby and Oliver led the Pledge of Allegiance and were by his side as he took his oath during the swearing-in. Mayor Reardon’s parents and in-laws were also in attendance to share the special celebration.

The inauguration ceremony was led by Charlie Cullen who did a great job stepping in for City Clerk, Richard Jones, and in honor wore a bow tie. Reverend Laura Biddle delivered a beautiful invocation and Senator Bruce Tarr delivered a dynamic speech encouraging everyone to support Mayor Reardon and all of the Newburyport City Officials. In addition to motivational speeches, the inauguration ceremony featured many wonderful musical performances including: bagpipes by Bob Morse, the National Anthem by Ella Suchecki & Audrey Cooper as well as musical selections by: Chris O’Donnell, Doug & Nora Baker, Karen Kearley and Danny Harrington.

Many former Newburyport Mayors were in attendance for the inauguration ceremony including: Byron Matthews, Lisa Mead, Christopher Sullivan, John Moak, and Donna Holaday. In addition to the Mayors who were present, Mayor Reardon recognized many other former Mayors for inspiring him to pursue a career in public service including: Richard Sullivan, Peter Matthews, Edward Molin, Mary Carrier and Mary Ann Clancy. He also thanked Mayor Donna Holaday for her 12 years of selfless and distinguished service to Newburyport.

During his inaugural address, Mayor Reardon referenced Newburyport’s history as a port city, a community of doers, citizens who come together to solve problems, commit to service and teach their children volunteerism. Mayor Reardon spoke of his vision for a united city that is inclusive and innovative, with people collaborating to create positive change. He spoke with enthusiasm about his goal to meet everyone and to motivate people to contribute their best ideas and talents in order to collectively achieve positive results for Newburyport.

Mayor Reardon explained that his strong desire to serve the Newburyport Community began with inspiration from his family. His Grandfather, Warren Oliver Page, proud 1940 graduate of Newburyport High School, served in the Coast Guard during WWII and was Newburyport’s first permanent Fire Chief. He was devoted to his Wife, Margaret Anne (Daley) Page who raised six children, had a career in nursing at Anna Jaques Hospital and later became the head of purchasing. Mayor Reardon learned from his grandfather that family comes first and when his grandmother was stricken with polio, he devoted his life to caring for her. He led his firefighters with this same philosophy, always taking care of people. He taught young Sean Reardon that the foundation of any department was its people and he took care of his people, with emphasis on core values of: friendship, loyalty and love.

Mayor Reardon credited his Father, Neil Reardon for instilling the importance of work ethic. Although he would come to be known as a legendary Teacher and Coach, Neil Reardon started his career working as a night janitor at Anna Jaques Hospital while earning an education degree at Salem State. Young Sean Reardon remembers his father starting his day at 3 am, delivering the Boston Globe to many city neighborhoods, finishing just in time to teach a classroom of 4th graders and ending the work day coaching one of his many sports teams. Mayor Reardon and his siblings quickly learned how to lead a team and how to put the right people in the right positions to ensure success.

The 2022 Newburyport inauguration ceremony and swearing-in was a great representation of gathering many highly talented and knowledgeable people to create a very successful event. The collaboration of inspirational speakers and musical talent made for a wonderful celebration. The ceremony concluded with the benediction and closing prayer offered by Reverend Timothy Harrison of Immaculate Conception Church followed by the Newburyport High School Band playing the Alma Mater led by Band Director, Steven Cohen. Enjoy short video clips of the 2022 Inauguration or visit Port Media for the full event recording.

Below is a complete list of Newburyport’s current elected officials with newly elected officials highlighted in blue.

Newburyport Mayor:
Sean Reardon

City Councilors-At-Large:
Edward C. Cameron, Jr.
• Afroz Khan
Constance Preston
• Bruce L. Vogel
Mark R. Wright

City Councilors by Ward:
• Sharif I. Zeid, Ward 1
Jennie L. Donahue, Ward 2
• Heather L. Shand, Ward 3
• Christine Elizabeth Wallace, Ward 4
• James McCauley, Ward 5
• Byron J. Lane, Ward 6

School Committee:
• Brian Callahan
Sarah Hall
• Bruce M. Menin
• Sheila Reardon Spalding
Juliet T.H. Walker

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