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Are you in need of a top North Shore Interior Designer? Worthington Interior Design serves Newburyport and the surrounding areas, offering complete residential and commercial design services for the discerning client. They welcome the opportunity to work with you creating well-functioning and distinctive spaces that are both comfortable and enjoyable.

It is important to choose an interior designer with broad project experience including: refreshes of current décor: nurseries/children’s bedrooms, master bedrooms/suites, playrooms and beyond. Worthington Interior Design can assist with renovations of family rooms, dining rooms to kitchens and baths; along with new construction projects working with Architects to bring your vision to life.

Whether it’s selecting a color palate, lighting, furnishings, window treatments or accessories, clients appreciate the Worthington experience and the strong ability to mesh with each clients unique sense of style. Choose an interior designer who can manage the details of project, budgeting and scheduling, schematic layouts/floor plans, custom millwork, detailed construction drawings, along with coordination and procurement of products and seamlessly managing installations.

Enjoy shopping and sourcing your new fabrics and furnishings with an experienced interior designer who can help save you money on products due to extensive vendor relationships. Whether shopping at the Boston Design Center or procuring through other channels, working with an experienced designer makes for sensational results. Did you know hiring a professional saves you money? You make fewer errors when it comes to furniture, fabric, accessories and art work, plus paint colors are exactly what you’re expecting the first time around!

Are you opening a new restaurant, needing a more efficient office or planning to relocate your company?  Worthington Interior Design will develop test-fits/redesign of your existing space to maximize utilization. Let the local design experts manage the details of your design project so that you can stay focused on running your business.

Whether your thinking about redesigning and decorating room by room or embarking on a major home or commercial renovation; contact Worthington Interior Design to schedule a consultation meeting.

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By Debra Worthington , Newburyport.Com Correspondent
"Southern comfort meets New England proper" Debra Worthington, a well-seasoned professional Interior Designer, merges her southern upbringing and values with her New England traditions to assess your lifestyle. For your home or commercial space we design spaces with timeless beauty. Worthington Interior Design is located in Newburyport. Whether you're a traditionalist or modernist; we work in all genres- " antiques can always be infused with a bit of of playful urban-mix."

A Homeowner’s Guide to Home Renovation

Homeowner's Guide

A Homeowner’s Guide to Home Renovation is a restorative approach for all properties produced by Worthington Interior Design, a Newburyport based Interior Designer servicing customers on the North Shore MA, Boston and beyond. Before you begin renovating or remodeling your home, you’ll need to consider a few things. Today, Worthington Interior Design outlines common home renovation steps and project-types. Worthington offers tips and advice for your upcoming renovations.

Home Extensions/Additions

A Homeowner’s Guide to Home Renovation regarding setting up a realistic budget is an essential aspect of a home extension project.

Your addition or home extension must fall within your town’s ordinances and codes requirements. Knowing for instance your setback requirements will stipulate whether you can even possibly do an extension on your property. This requires doing your due diligence from what your city or town has online for your property as well as having a professional site plan.

The site plan is stamped and sealed by a professional Engineer and will give you all the information you need to compare it with your city/town ordinances. In addition, most likely will need a Structural Engineer to produce framing plans for your extension/addition.

If in fact you are approved to add your extension/addition you will need to have your homeowners insurances reviewed by your insurance agent making sure your project is covered.  One other key matter of business is to have your insurance agent review the chosen General Contractor’s insurances for risk assessments.

Having an Interior Designer and or Architect onboard to design your extension/addition produces stamped and sealed construction documents to obtain permits*. From there you bid or negotiate with a General Contractor for the project’s cost. Having your Interior Designer and Architect on board to assist with this aspect will save you time and money.  Once you select a General Contractor, he/she will obtain a building permit* to meet requirements and building guidelines.

From here the General Contractor and his/her subcontractors will perform all the work required. General Contractors meet with building inspectors to sign off on electrical, plumbing etc. The General Contractor will provide specialist contractors for demolition and erecting walls, pipe fitting, drainage, gas, heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) connections, electrical and internet wiring, tiling, and painting.

Adding an extension/addition is a perfect time to assess your home’s exterior. Have your roof checked for wear and tear and weather tightness. This goes for any other exterior portion of your home.

Upgrading your roof improves your property’s curb appeal, which adds value to your home. repaint, or Roofing renovation can also include working on the gutter system. Weather tight your entire home before you embark on interior renovations.

Basement Renovations

A Homeowner’s Guide to Home Renovation regarding Basement renovations.  If you are only going to do a basement renovation the General Contractor along with your Interior Designer will need to assess your basement to guide you to materials, you will need to select based on the condition of your basement. Do you have a sump pump, do you have light, what is the foundation wall made from and does it weep?  This will determine the next steps and if waterproofing is needed or any other particulars for designing a usable basement space. Some homeowners opt for suspended ceilings in the basement because of cost-efficiency after finishing the walls. As for Basement flooring, using a porcelain wood style flooring is viable option that addresses moisture and warping considerations.

Kitchen Remodeling

A Homeowner’s Guide to Home Renovation regarding Kitchen remodels will instantly add value to your home.  This is a worthwhile investment especially working with an Interior Designer to plan a more efficient use of your kitchen space. Once you have a desirable space plan tackle the appliances for upgrades or replacement and move onto your cabinets and base cabinets. If you need to replace it, go for it! Having Worthington Interior Design on board you will be assured of recouping all the monies spent on your kitchen remodel.

Another significant focal point in the kitchen is the countertop and backsplash. You can further improve your kitchen space by updating the kitchen floors, installing natural stone or porcelain tiles.

Smart Home Upgrades

A Homeowner’s Guide to Home Renovation regarding while undertaking a renovation, it’s the perfect time to consider smart home upgrades increase your home’s comfort, convenience, and energy efficiency. Consider installing programmable thermostats allowing you to control temperature settings remotely to optimize energy usage. Smart lighting solutions provide customizable ambience while saving energy.

Upgrading smart security systems with doorbell cameras or smart locks enhances your home’s safety. Additionally, smart home hubs integrate all these elements, offering multiple aspects of your home to be controlled from one device or app. Tech-savvy upgrades modernize your space but also add value to your home in the long run.

A Homeowner’s Guide to Home Renovation considering all the aspects above will help with planning your next home renovation and remodeling projects. From home extension/addition, basement renovation, kitchen remodel with the appropriate design team, contractors and a well-thought-out plan, your home is sure to increase in value!

A Homeowner’s Guide to Home Renovation kindly consider your first step to contact Worthington Interior Design today to create a home with timeless beauty.

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