Kids off to College, Is It Time To Downsize?

By Krissy Ventura, Newburyport.Com Correspondent
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Krissy Ventura
Time to downsize, Newburyport MA

Is It Time To Downsize?  My kids are off to college, is it time to downsize?  This is a very exciting time of year, for our area’s hundreds of high school’s seniors.   They are wrapping up their final semester of high school and planning lots of exciting events ahead, including senior class trips, senior week festivities, proms and finally culminating with their high school graduation.

Lots of seniors are going to be heading off to college next fall…some might even know where they are going already, having applied for early action/decision in the fall.  The rest were busy over winter break filling out those last few supplements, writing that last essay and preparing for their interviews at their favorite schools.  Whatever the stage your child may be in, the process of applying to college can be a stressful, albeit exciting one.  Some of you may even be thinking, now that the kids are off to college…should we be thinking of downsizing /relocating.  Now what?

Having recently sent two kids off to college, I understand that thinking.  Your large family home is becoming high maintenance, and now less space and the desire to live simpler is your new motto.  Maybe you’re retiring or just want a low-maintenance lifestyle.  Sometimes the need to downsize isn’t always by choice, life events sometimes force the issue.   Maybe you’d like to buy a home closer to downtown, with a small yard, or perhaps no yard at all, and walk to restaurants and the waterfront? Just like applying to colleges, the buying and selling process can be extremely stressful. It’s your largest investment after all!  Keep in mind that it is a sellers’ market right now and rates are still very low, so making the move and locking into a nice, low interest rate, while pocketing your built-up equity in your home, might just be one of your goals for 2017.  If you determine it is, I’m available to work with you to make the process as stress free and fun as possible!