Local Plum Island Artist Coloring Book Inspiration

Local Plum Island Artist Coloring Book, Newburyport MA

Sandra Turner’s first coloring book was inspired from a series of ink & watercolor paintings she did back in 2013 – 2014. These paintings started out as contour drawings of plants that then took a life of their own when she allowed her imagination to run wild. It was a very creative experience.

Looking over the series, she thought back then that the drawings themselves would lend themselves well if made into a coloring book, but it wasn’t until December of 2014 that she recreated 18 images from the series and had the “IMAGINE” coloring book self- published. ( available online www.plumislanderart.etsy.com)

As an artist living on Plum Island for over 30 years, Sandra Turner has enjoyed drawing local scenes. This is what has recently led her to begin the process of two additional coloring books “Color Plum Island” and “Color Newburyport”. All three Coloring books will be available for purchase at her booth at the Newburyport Spring Festival held on Sunday and Monday, May 29 & 30th. They will also be added to her online shop www.PlumIslanderArt.Etsy.Com on that same weekend.

If you follow her postings on Facebook and Instagram, you’ll note that she likes to sketch on site as much as possible, then finish up the line drawings in her home studio. You may see her sketching in her car, at local eatery or outdoors in some local scenery.

The illustrations are printed one to a page on perforated heavy white 8.5” x 11” cover stock with a sturdy spiral binding. The book includes an introduction on the artist’s process, instructions on various suggested mediums (colored pencil, watercolor, watercolor pencil) along with photographs of some of her colored pages.

There is no suggested age limit as younger children can easily color in large shapes while adults can modify colors to experiment in each of the smaller more individual shapes. For those interested in blending your own colors, she has included three color wheels for each medium and blank ones for you to practice on.

On a side note, she has a patent pending on her “Decorative Vent Pipe Covers “ which were introduced at the PITA Hall Christmas Fair this past year. They are made of stretch fabric and come in 4 different patterns to cover the unsightly “Candy Cane” pipes dotting Plum Island and many other towns across the US. They will also be available for purchase at my booth in Newburyport and are currently available online at www.PlumIslanderArt.Etsy.Com.

Sandra thanks you for all for your encouragement and support and looks forward to continuing the enjoyment with future additions to the “Color Series”

Happy Coloring!

Sandra Turner

email: plumislanderart@gmail.com

website: www.plumislanderart.com

On line shop: www.plumislanderart.etsy.com

Facebook: Plumislander Art & Design

Instagram: Plumislanderart