Making Prepping for School Fun and Fresh

By Debra Worthington, Newburyport.Com Correspondent
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Prepping for School with Worthington Interior Design

Wow the summer has flown by and now you can begin making prepping for school fun and fresh cause
it’s almost here!

While we enjoy the best days of summer in New England dipping our toes in the warm Atlantic ocean and still playing outside until dark. Kids have the time of their lives during the summer and I’m sure they are growing like weeds!

Now, just before school begins, when we think about new school clothes; it may also be time to think
about updating their rooms and playrooms to bring along a fresh look with paint, new furniture or
bedding. With wallpaper coming on strong from the UK, it’s a single idea that comes with an instant
WOW factor! Making prepping for school fun and fresh!

Contact us a Worthington Interior Design; we have a few ideas you may want to introduce into your kids
rooms as you. Or perhaps a new born is on the way!

Simple painted graphics of mountain ranges, water, or geometric shapes make a plain wall hip!

ROMO’s, – by Jon Burgerman is showcasing new fabrics. We can reupholster a chair or
stool, make roman shades, duvet covers or add pillows using their cool fabric collection. The new
fabrics: “Rainbow Scrawl”,“Wobblepotamus”, “Mild Beasts + Mini Mild Beasts” “Mallowland” or
“Spaghetti Yeti” to name a few!

As September approaches rearranging your child’s room will help put everyone in the right frame of
mind for the start of the new school year. We always know how good it feels to change up things in our
homes; it gives us a new outlook and we can sweep out the old, bring in the new.
New baby coming we have a fabulous made in the USA source for cribs, youth furniture and bunkbeds.
They offer other furniture items for your children. Even cool wallpapers.

Worthington Interior Design would love to help with your nursery and/or give your kid’s rooms an
updated look for fall. Or even work with you to freshen up your teenager’s room. School prep their
rooms with new storage and a new design to create an inviting homework space.

Just a simple update will make coming inside more fun and new!

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