Fresh fish tacos with a tangy slaw.

Mexican Food @ The Grog

Where everyone knows…where to get Mexican?

@KathrynCartini, Multimedia Storyteller

The Grog Restaurant, Newburyport, MABeing a small community, it’s no surprise that there is only one Mexican restaurant in downtown, Newburyport. However, when this restaurant was closed for Labor Day (good for them) I had to think outside of the box to satisfy my craving.

Already a fan of the Sweet Potato Burrito at The Grog for its spicy mashed sweet potatoes, melted jack and black beans wrapped in a thin tomato tortilla,  I headed over to what many consider to be a Draught Beer Destination.

True, The Grog is a craft beer haven, however on the menu below the Bouillabaisse and the Carolina Dry-Rubbed Ribs you’ll find four Mexican dishes.

In addition to the Spicy Mashed Sweet Potato Burrito, The Grog also serves Slow-Coked Shredded Pork Tostado, Fried Haddock Soft Tacos, and a Sautéed Chicken or Pulled Pork Burrito.

Of course the Sweet Potato Burrito was ordered, and by using my VIP Card I received 1/2 off my second entree, the Haddock Tacos.

Fresh, lightly fried haddock, red salsa, jack cheese and this tangy Mexican slaw that provided the perfect crispy bite.

The tacos are also served with Spanish rice and black beans, but I had what I wanted.

The one thing perhaps missing was a side of tortilla chips to dip into all that extra salsa.