Newburyport Education Foundation – NEF – Investing in Education

By Caitlin Dowling, Correspondent
Caitlin is a freelance editor/writer and former news producer for CNN. As a local mom of three, her family can be found enjoying all Newburyport has to offer, from strolling downtown to biking the rail trail to swimming at the beach.
NEF Newburyport Education Foundation


The Newburyport Education Foundation referred to as the NEF is a nonprofit organization that supports the Newburyport School System through fundraising and community involvement. The organization hosts multiple events throughout the year, provides opportunities for local donors to support campaigns benefiting the schools, and offers internships and other opportunities for students to further excel outside of the classroom.

The main mission of The Newburyport EF is to bring philanthropy into the schools and to create financial resources that can add to the quality of Newburyport’s education system. This financial support helps offset rising operating expenses, technology needs, and special education costs. The NEF Lighthouse Auction and the NEF Golf Tournament are the two of the primary annual fundraisers and as well as a couple of additional events each year.

The NEF focuses its campaigns on improving the school system in four major areas—STEM, Wellness, Technology, and Literacy. Along with these campaigns, The Newburyport Education Foundation also collaborates with local businesses, organizations, and residents to create opportunities for Newburyport’s students to further enrich their education. The goal of these programs is to create well-educated and conscientious students.

While other organizations like the Newburyport PTO also fundraise and support the public school system, the NEF focuses on multi-year campaigns. The PTO may be raising money to support the current year’s field trips while The Newburyport Education Foundation may be generating money over the course of two years to upgrade technology. Both organizations offer financial support to the Newburyport School System but focus on different goals.

The Newburyport EF also works to recognize the supportive Newburyport community through tributes. Parents and residents can recognize an exceptional teacher or neighbor by donating to the NEF in their name. The honoree will receive a  personalized card and pin recognizing their efforts.

For those interested in getting involved, there are many ways to connect with the Newburyport Education Foundation. Support the NEF through donations, attending an event, volunteering, and more. If you’re interested in making a difference in the Newburyport School System visit the official site or email to learn more.

Enjoy Pictures and videos from past year NEF Events.