Newburyport High School Principal Leadership Transition

By Taylor Walker, Correspondent
Taylor is a local Newburyport writer helping to cover happenings within the Newburyport High School community. Taylor will be majoring in English at Worcester State University in the fall of 2018 and has participated in creative writing clubs.
Newburyport High School Principal

The Newburyport High School Principal, Mr. Parent, will be retiring at the end of this school year after eleven years of hard work. Mr. Parent has made huge contributions to this school’s environment for students and staff. Throughout his years here at NHS, Mr. Parent has conferred with a team of teachers, students, parents, and school officials to accomplish multiple projects. Since Mr. Parent started here at NHS, he has cultivated the flex program, which allows for students to partake in classes at night to free up their schedules during the school day; he has utilized every moment students have in their school day to allow as much learning as possible, changing the schedule and making adjustments as they were needed; as well as academics, Mr. Parent has helped to expand the different sports available to NHS students.

At the end of his eleventh year as the Newburyport High School Principal, Mr. Parent is welcoming Mr. Andrew Wulf in to take his place. Mr. Wulf is currently an Administrator of Teaching and Learning at Salem High School. As part of the new principal’s welcome to the Newburyport community, Mr. Wulf came for a tour of the school to really grasp an understanding of what life is like here at NHS. Transitioning into this position for Mr. Wulf will be an exciting time and he has a plan in mind in order to complete this switch as smooth as possible.

Recently, I corresponded with Mr. Wulf in relation to this change coming soon to Newburyport High School. Touching on the importance of keeping everyone connected and informed, Mr. Wulf said, “My goal is to learn about the school through the eyes of students, teachers, support staff and parents so that I can acquire a deep and rich understanding of Newburyport High School”. As this change takes place, NHS students, parents, and community members can all take note of the collaborative team work going on in this high school. Mr. Wulf went on to elaborate that his tour here had really given him an insight into how NHS is, calling it a “special place with a strong sense of community”, and further he expressed that he is excited, as we are here at NHS, to begin his tenure as our new principal.