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Hearts Set on Newburyport

Consistent with the trends of 2013, the current real estate market in Newburyport, Massachusetts remains competitive as families look for entry points into the community.

“There was an uptick in luxury properties for a brief moment as developers raced to take advantage of converting smaller homes on the market into million dollar listings, but for the most part homes between $300,000 – $600,000 are what you’ll see on the market right now,” said Robert Bentley, owner of Bentley’s 

And though inventory has improved from the market’s dry patch over the summer, explained Bentley, because of the high demand for homes in this price range they don’t stay on the market long.

“My suggestion is to be prepared. If you know Newburyport is where you want to be, have all your ducks in a row before you even begin your search. This way when you find something for your family, you can act fast,” said Bentley.

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