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Purchase a Best of NewburyportSM VIP Card and and receive Newburyport restaurant and shopping discounts EVERY TIME you visit the 130+ Greater Newburyport participating businesses. VIP Card discounts are categorized as Places to Eat, Shop, Stay & Experience, offering VIP Card holders amazing local deals at restaurants, shops, lodging businesses and specialty service retailers. The VIP Card loyalty program rewards card holders with VIP discounts every time they make purchases, encouraging card holders to shop local! It pays for itself in just a few uses, and is the best way to stay in the know about Greater Newburyport restaurant and shopping discounts.

Purchase one VIP Card for $25 or two for $40 and $10 of your purchase is donated to a local nonprofit partner of your choice. Card holders choose if they prefer a Digital VIP Card in the Newburyport App or a traditional Physical VIP Card. Expiration dates for the Digital VIP Card and Physical VIP Card are different. Digital VIP Cards in the Newburyport App are valid one year from order date. Physical VIP Cards expire at the end of each calendar year. 2024 VIP Cards are available for purchase, and all prior year VIP Cards are expired. 

To download the App click on the Apple or Android link below from your mobile device.  There is no cost to download the App, but you must purchase a VIP Card in order to receive login credentials. You can order a VIP Card onlinethrough the App, or if you prefer to purchase in person visit the Custom House Maritime Museum Gift Shop or the Newburyport Art Association.

Apple/App Store: Download “Newburyport” for iOS/Apple

Android/Play Store: Download “Newburyport” for Android/Google

View VIP Card discounts by clicking the large images labeled: Places to Eat, Shop, Stay and Experience and App users can view VIP Card discounts in the App directory. VIP Discounts are not meant to be combinable with other promotional offers. The goal of the VIP Program is to help drive profitable sales for our local business owners and to provide strong value to card holders.


We welcome you to explore Best of NewburyportSM Places to EATSHOP, STAY & EXPERIENCE, and enjoy our Newburyport App videos produced by Anchor Hitch Media.

Our motto at Newburyport.Com is Support Local, Shop Small, Go VIP!  It reflects our mission to raise money for our local nonprofits and drive sales for our small business owners.  We encourage everyone to shop and dine local, helping to stimulate the Greater Newburyport economy, all while enjoying deals from participating local businesses. Order your VIP Card today to experience Newburyport restaurant and shopping discounts as well as amazing deals for lodging businesses and specialty service retailers as well.