Nunan’s Café Sarina: What’s the Story?

By Steve Flynn Sr., Newburyport.Com Correspondent
Steve Flynn Sr. has worked in the greenhouse business since he was in his teens and has owned Nunan’s for over thirty years. Nunan’s is a family oriented and run business with three generation actively involved in the business. Steve enjoys the ever changing seasons of the greenhouse industry, and has built the business to be for both retail and wholesale customers .
Nunan Florist & Greenhouses
Cafe Sarina Nunan's Georgetown

For those who don’t know, Café Sarina is named after the owner’s youngest daughter. This brand-new, locally-sourced, farm-to-table café + restaurant is set to open at the end of May in Georgetown, MA. The inspiration behind both Nunan’s Café Sarina and its name comes from Nunan’s owner Stephen Flynn Jr’s daughter Sarina.


When she was born in 2010, it was discovered that little Sarina had a little something extra – Down Syndrome. That didn’t stop her, however, and she continues to teach everyone the importance of slowing down and finding joy and beauty in the little things. Flynn says, Café Sarina “has been named in honor of our daughter Sarina, who has showed us to take time to stop and enjoy the moment.”


Café Sarina is a locally-sourced, farm-to-table café + restaurant serving light breakfast, coffee, weekend brunch, lunch + dinner. Inside, you’ll find a rustic, relaxing atmosphere overlooking an outdoor patio and gorgeous garden. With Nunan’s Florist + Greenhouses being a small, local business as well, Café Sarina’s goal is to support small businesses and farms by sourcing ingredients on their menu from local vendors. On the Café Sarina menu, hungry guests will find fresh smoothies, coffee, sandwiches + salads, soups + specials. On the weekend, guests of Nunan’s Café Sarina can also enjoy an assortment of breakfast favorites including breakfast sandwiches, create-your-own breakfast, waffles, and much more.


In addition to Café Sarina, in the new building you’ll find Kallie’s Kones, a sweet little spot serving award-winning ice cream from Richardson’s, a local, family-owned dairy farm. Kallie’s Kones is inspired by another one of Flynn’s lovely daughters. At the young age of four, Kallie fought her battle with cancer, and she won. She is truly a survivor, and gratefully remains cancer free to this day. During her treatment, even when she barely had any appetite, she never hesitated to enjoy a big bowl of ice cream at the end of the day. She reminds us to celebrate every little milestone with your loved ones and to always, always leave room for ice cream.


Café Sarina’s windows and patio overlook a garden meticulously kept by Nunan’s gardeners. Within the garden, guests will find a state-of-the-art mini-golf course affectionately called Garden Golf. Featuring running water elements + gorgeous natural greens surrounding the putting green, the course is complete with signage for those wanting to learn a little about the plants.