Parking Garage in Newburyport

By Caitlin Dowling, Correspondent
Caitlin is a freelance editor/writer and former news producer for CNN. As a local mom of three, her family can be found enjoying all Newburyport has to offer, from strolling downtown to biking the rail trail to swimming at the beach.
Parking Garage, Newburyport

The newest addition to the parking scene in Newburyport is the two-story covered parking garage located at the entrance of town at Merrimac Street and Titcomb Street. The entrance on Titcomb Street is for permit holders while the entrance off of Merrimac is for general public parking. This 207 spot garage offers parking protected from the elements, permit parking options for employees and residents, and 24-hour parking, an option not available in the city’s parking lots.

Similar to the city’s parking lots, those choosing to park in the parking garage can opt to pay by kiosk or by downloading the Park Mobile app on their phone. Whichever method you choose to pay by, make sure to have your license plate handy as Newburyport parking is paper-free and your plates are how you register to park. Parking in the garage is $1/hour no matter what time of day.

Because this parking garage is situated at the entrance of town, it provides easy access to all downtown shopping, restaurants, the Waterfront Park, and the boardwalk. On busy weekends when traffic backs up along the main access point into town, Merrimac Street, opting for the parking garage can save you time arriving and departing by avoiding downtown congestion.

Also because the parking garage is located on the edge of town, many visitors choose to park in the lots in the downtown area, meaning on busier weekends, the garage is a great option to score a spot!

For visitors spending more than an afternoon, the parking garage offers one of the only options, aside from private parking, to have a car in town overnight and for multiple days.

Newburyport is a premier destination for both day visitors and those looking for an extended vacation. For visitors or residents out enjoying their city,  make sure to check out all of the amazing restaurantsone of a kind shops, and unique experiences available in Newburyport. And if you are going to eat, shop, and play in town, consider purchasing a VIP Card to receive local discounts.

Please note rates are subject to change by the City of Newburyport. Rates in this post are from February 2020.