Renovating Your Loo Working With Worthington, Expert Designer

By Debra Worthington, Newburyport.Com Correspondent
"Southern comfort meets New England proper" Debra Worthington, a well-seasoned professional Interior Designer, merges her southern upbringing and values with her New England traditions to assess your lifestyle. For your home or commercial space we design spaces with timeless beauty. Worthington Interior Design is located in Newburyport. Whether you're a traditionalist or modernist; we work in all genres- " antiques can always be infused with a bit of of playful urban-mix."
Worthington Interior Design
Renovating your Loo, Newburyport MA

Modernizing and renovating your Loo or powder room can be exciting when it comes to shopping and selecting dramatic tiles and finishes, fixtures and bathroom furniture; but before you begin here are a few important renovating items and questions we will discuss:




  • What are some current upgrades where you can make your money back at the other end?
  • When you are thinking of renovating your loo first think about what your needs maybe.
  • Need to save space or create better function in the power room or bathroom?
  • What level finish are we going for? Home Depot , Semi-Custom, Custom
  • Are we upgrading to accommodate more people?
  • Do we need to replace the tub with a walk in shower?
  • Do we need a no- threshold to the shower?
  • Is there a window in the bathroom and where is it and should it go or remain?
  • Is the water closet ( Loo/Toilet) old and need to be change? Design a separate room within the bathroom?
  • What are the advantages of wall hung with Geberit housing or floor mounted?
  • Storage needs- drawer and cabinet space, dual sinks?
  • What materials are timeless and easy maintenance-wise
  • Can we donate my old vanity and fixtures to be recycled?
  • Flooring material upgrade or change?
  • Do we use the same plumbing location or not?
  • Structural issues
  • Lighting needs
  • HVAC system needs
  • Exhaust fan needs
  • Accessory options- towel heater, hooks, towel bars, toilet rolls
  • Shall we paint or use a hip new wallcovering- will wallcovering work in this space?
  • How long are we going to live here, how much do we upgrade?
  • Will my selections be eligible for a rebate and are they energy conservative?

Where to start can be overwhelming unless you have a good Interior Designer to work with to keep your renovation within your budget while developing your vision to include your wish list.

Don’t worry if you do not know what you like; it’s better to know what you don’t like as far I’m concerned.

Make no mistake any renovation you embark upon with limited knowledge will come with many surprises!

Hiring Worthington Interior Design early on in the process will guarantee you have a great team to help you navigate the contractor’s role and requirements. No need for you to settle on a new bathroom you so deserve.  Call Worthington Interior Design for expert guidance renovating your loo, 978-255-3001.