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A Leader in Bioheat Fuel Delivery Lombardi Oil & Gas

Experience worry free fuel delivery and home-comfort with heating and air conditioning services from Lombardi Oil & Gas!

Lombardi Oil & Gas is a service-oriented home heating/AC repair, service, installation and Bioheat fuel delivery company, located in Newburyport, MA. Lombardi Oil & Gas has been servicing the greater Newburyport community since 1958, offering professional and quality service. Their service area includes the communities of Newburyport, Newbury, Byfield, Salisbury, West Newbury, Plum Island, Merrimac, Amesbury and Seabrook.

Lombardi Oil & Gas has built their business on customer loyalty, referrals and by providing unparalleled and quality customer services. Over the past 60 years they have established deep community roots and continued support of local organizations and businesses.

Lombardi Oil & Gas invests in knowledge and training & consistently explores new heating and air conditioning technologies to promote energy conservation and environmental awareness. These include: Bioheat clean energy fuel delivery, high efficiency gas or oil heating systems, on-demand hot water weaters, ductless AC & heat pump heating / hot water systems and smart thermostats.

They provide reliable Bioheat Fuel delivery, prompt, safe and dependable heating and air-conditioning service and repair and safe and efficient installation of upgraded equipment. They respect your loyalty by offering competitive and fair pricing, and providing honest and reliable recommendations that bring true value.

Additionally, Lombardi Oil & Gas offers automatic Bioheat fuel delivery, payment plan & fixed price delivery options, multiple service plan options for both oil and gas heating, AC and hot water systems, including oil tank insurance and Annual maintenance tune-up on your gas/oil heat, AC or hot water systems.

Lombardi Oil & Gas is available to its regular accounts for emergency service 24/7, ensuring comfort, convenience, safety and peace of mind 365 days of the year.

Homeowners Choose Lombardi Oil & Gas for their delivery of safe, reliable, quality and forward thinking services.


Lombardi Oil & Gas

By Charity Lombardi-Simard , Newburyport.Com Correspondent
Charity is president of Lombardi Oil & Gas. She is second generation in the family business that was started by her father in the 1950’s. Her interest in the industry is the continued evolution and fast-paced movement into cleaner and more efficient energy. Her vision for the business is to maintain a personal culture with the community and to provide options and service to those that heat with fuel – with focus on hi-efficiency equipment, use of new technologies and Biofuel delivery. In her personal time, Charity is active in the Icelandic Horse Community, with 2 of her own. She travels regularly to Iceland to train and supports promotion of the breed in the US.

Providing Cool Air Conditioning Comfort to our Community!

Air Conditioning, Newburyport MA

Air Conditioning used to be a luxury, but modernized homeowners are more reliant on cooler drier air. Higher efficiency options allow for comfort with less operational costs as well as creative solutions for style and decor. Lombardi Oil & Gas has been installing and servicing air conditioning system for residential customers in Newburyport and the surrounding area for many years giving us the knowledge and experience to help customers understand that In addition to making everyday life more comfortable, air conditioning does much more for homeowners.



  • Air Conditioning continuously filters and circulates indoor air, removing airborne allergens, pet dander, pollen, pollutants and more. For those with respiratory conditions or sensitive allergies, HEPA filters and air purification systems work alongside cooling units to bring needed relief.
  • Air conditioning dehumidifies the air as it cools. This is important because humidity inhibits the ability of our bodies to self-regulate temperature, and it makes cooled indoor spaces feel clammy and smell musty.
  • Many modern air conditioning offers multiple fan settings, making it possible to filter and circulate indoor air even when the Air Conditioning isn’t actively cooling helping homeowners strike a balance between cleaner air quality and lower energy bills.
  • Smart Thermostats, the latest in thermostat technology, make it easier than ever to control energy use. These thermostats can be controlled from anywhere using your smartphone, and they provide the most user-friendly interface for setting up detailed cooling schedules that will save you money.
  • As an alternative to central air systems, DUCTLESS Air Conditioning & HEAT PUMP units are Great for older homes, renovated spaces and targeted cooling and heating needs – and can provide added value with savings up to 30% in heating costs.
    • Whisper Quiet
    • Quick & Easy Install
    • Year-round efficiency
    • Wi-Fi compatible
    • Wall, ceiling or floor mounted
    • Aggressive rebates available for new installations

Suggestions to keep your Air Conditioning system running at peak performance:

Keep your outdoor condenser free from leaves and brush. Sometimes you may want to hide the outdoor unit, however, please make sure to leave sufficient room around the whole unit, for proper air circulation on top and sides.

Change the filter regularly. Your air conditioner breathes through its filter, and when that filter becomes clogged, your AC unit struggles. A dirty filter can cause your fan to wear out prematurely and can sharply increase your energy use. Make a habit of replacing these on time!

Tune up your AC unit annually. Annual maintenance from a licensed technician is the only way to get your system ready for the cooling season. You’ll experience fewer breakdowns, lower energy bills and a longer life for your air conditioner.

Consider an Air Conditioning maintenance plan. The plan will cover an annual tune-up – and give you 15% off any parts and labor.

If you experience any disruptions in your cooling system, or have interested in upgrading to high efficiency or ductless, we are happy to help!

Customer satisfaction is important to us. We will offer the best value, with reliable, quality Air Conditioning service and installation and top of line expertise, to increase your comfort, convenience and safety. Call Lombardi Oil & Gas anytime to see how we can help you 978-465-7200 * Lombardioil.com!