Spanish Tall Ship El Galeón Visits Newburyport – May 2016

By Laura Bentley, Newburyport.Com Correspondent
Owner of Newburyport.Com, Laura manages Business Development, Fundraising, the VIP Program, Blogging and the Events Calendar.
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In May of 2016, the Spanish Tall Ship El Galeón sailed into Newburyport, MA, a city rich with maritime history, thanks to the efforts of the Custom House Maritime Museum. El Galeón, accompanied by the Coast Guard, sailed up through Cape Ann and into the Merrimack River offering many spectacular viewing opportunities along the way.

Visitors and locals lined Newburyport’s waterfront to welcome El Galeón and watch the ceremonious entrance. The ASpanish Tall Ship El Galeón merican Yacht Club fired a salute to welcome the tall ship, and Rosario Fernandez, Captain of El Galeón, rang the ship’s bell to return the salute, while the crew sounded their bosun whistles from up in the ship’s sails.  Onlookers that purchased their own copper and brass bosun whistle souvenirs from the Custom House gift shop, joined in the salute from shore.

After the Spanish Tall Ship El Galeón’s arrival, there were many festivities during the Maritime Days celebration including: student tours, Pirate Night Costume Party, Flamenco Evening, Breakfast on a Tall Ship, and the Children’s Pirate Party!  Along with special events, visitors were welcome to purchase a general tour ticket to climb aboard and explore the tall ship throughout its stay. Whether you were local to the city or visiting from elsewhere, a stop to see El Galeón was not to be missed.

If you weren’t able to stop in why this tall ship was in town, pay a visit to the Custom House Maritime Museum to learn about some local nautical history! From displays of famous shipwrecks to the history of the Coast Guard, there is something for everyone.

If you enjoy the city’s maritime history and would like to help support the Custom House efforts, consider purchasing a Newburyport VIP Card online.  The VIP Card allows you to enjoy discounts EVERY TIME you visit 180 participating Greater Newburyport restaurants and shops and $10 of your $25 card purchase will help support the Custom House Maritime Museum.