Plum Island Real Estate – the Beach Lifestyle is Calling!

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News has just acquired Robert Bentley, the owner of and co-owner of BENTLEY’S real estate revealed this week in his monthly broadcast with Boston.Com (attached video)  the exciting news. Focusing on the  ability to connect Buyers and Seller with information about Plum Island Real Estate as well as hyper local information is key. Robert  confidently advises his Sellers and Buyers about Plum Island Real Estate. When a company is involved in a high volume of the most recent sales on the “Island” it’s understandable that Buyers and Sellers seek BENTLEY’S advise and guidance about selling or buying. Robert was recently ask what makes Plum Island Real Estate so special, his response was, “A Buyer searching Newburyport real estate many times will add Plum Island as an area of interest. They see how dynamic living by the Ocean and having a city nearby is like being on vacation where you live.”

Plum Island Real Estate is experiencing a renewed interest over the past few years. Plum Island is unique in that it offers a wide variety of housing choices. The home style offerings include: elegant homes, year round residences and quaint modest seasonal cottages that appear almost preserved in time. Numerous Plum Island homes have remained in the same family for many years, becoming local landmarks. You may find that these homes are charming yet rustic, often these treasures are referred  to as “beach  houses.” Today approximately 60% of the homes are classified as year round  homes, and a few of these homes even have a garage. When  searching for Plum Island Real Estate Buyerwill find a home for almost every budget and style, satisfying  personal wishes and desires. More recently a number of magnificent homes have sold for over a million dollars, a true indication of Buyer’s confidence in Plum Island Real Estate.

Plum Island is often referred to as the Hidden Gem of the North Shore with it’s beautiful Plum Island Beach and the protected reservation of Parker River National Wildlife Refuge. Plum Island belongs to two communities Newbury and Newburyport but lives more often as it own entity. Connected to the mainland by a bridge there is no need for a ferry or any other type of transportation to arrive at your home. Plum Island also has an airport, should you choose to arrive in your personal airplane. Buyers typically searching for Plum Island Real Estate may have a particular type of property in mind, a fixer upper, a home with a water view or the ultimate Plum Island residence on the waterfront. Whether you are looking for easy access to the beaches or a home with many bedrooms for friends and family to come to visit, you should investigate Plum Island Real Estate.  The “Island” offers many options. If you are looking for an island escape with character and charm, Plum Island Real Estate may be what you are looking for. After the Sunset treat yourself to a short walk to the Plum Island Grille or a ride over the bridge to the vibrant City of Newburyport with it’s many fine shops and amazing restaurants. 


CYBER-FRAUD IN REAL ESTATE DEALS – JOB POSTING: “Cyber-Crook Wanted: Great Pay & Flexible Hours, Internet a Must – No Gun Required”

By Robert Ciampitti, Newburyport.Com Correspondent
Rob Ciampitti is a co-founding attorney and partner at Liberty Law and represents a dynamic client base of lenders, investors, developers as well as buyers & sellers of real estate – across a variety of land use, zoning, and condo matters ranging from commercial & residential real estate to private financing, development and permitting and innovative deal-strategy. In October of 2020, Rob was admitted to Harvard University’s Graduate School of Design, where he will be completing Harvard’s Advanced Real Estate Management and Development graduate program. An active licensed pilot since 1989, Rob Ciampitti holds a Private Pilot’s License with an Instrument Rating and shares his passion for aviation with his wife and two teenage sons, Rob also enjoys scouting with his two sons and serves as a Scout Leader and Merit Badge counselor for Scout Troop 21 (Newburyport, MA) and is himself an Eagle Scout – recently joined in that honor by both of his sons. Rob Ciampitti was admitted to the Bar of the United States Supreme Court in 2011 and remains an active member in good standing and has held a City of Newburyport Mayoral appointment to the Newburyport Zoning Board of Appeals since 2002 – where he currently serves as the Board’s Chairman.
Liberty Law, LLC.
Cyber-Fraud, Liberty Law, Newburyport

Seminar Description:  Today, it is easier than ever for scam-artists, through cyber-fraud, to quietly amass public information about us and our industry (called “Social Engineering”).  The latest national data confirms that these cyber-criminals are getting smarter and learning how to sound like us and behalf like us on-line, so that they can more easily target not just banks and closing firms, but also Real Estate Agents & Brokers.  Their sole purpose is to pose as you and trick your clients into diverting private information or worse, diverting MONEY!  In this instance, protecting yourself and your clients from cyber-fraud in real estate deals IS the new standard of care.  Whether we know it or not, if we work in real estate and in doing so, handle Non Public Private Information (“NPPI”), then we ARE duly-bound to serve as guard & century against all invaders (whether seen or unseen).

Seminar Purpose:  In response to this mounting cyber-fraud threat – and with input and assistance from leaders within the Massachusetts Licensing Commission as well as experts within the insurance and IT communities – LIBERTY LAW has developed this Training Seminar to assist our real estate colleagues in recognizing this very real, emerging threat.  Our goal through this Seminar is to share valuable new information about how the real estate community can protect themselves and their clients from becoming a victim of this new species of cyber-crime.

Seminar Take-Aways:  Through this 60 minute, Newburyport based seminar (along with a robust Q&A), attendees will learn the statutorily required steps that every agent and/or broker must take to protect themselves and their clients’ NPPI and funds.   If the worst should occur, attendees will learn the immediate reporting steps they are obligated to take (as licensed professionals) to report an incident to the Boston Field Office of the FBI and the Massachusetts Office of the Attorney General.