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Things to Know about Newburyport is meant to serve as a useful place for locals and visitors to find information about interesting local topics as well as answers to common questions. Although Newburyport is a small City of approximately 18 thousand residents, it a shopping, dining and entertainment destination for a geographic area well beyond Newburyport.

With so many fun and interesting Things to Do, we came to realize that many of our customers were interested in finding information about a more expansive list of topics. is a small privately run website helping to provide coverage of the positive happenings in Newburyport. Due to the volume of questions we receive, we decided to expand our content with a goal of helping provide high level information about popular topics and in many cases providing direct links to other key local resources.

Yankee Homecoming Market Place, Newburyport MA

Dogs in Newburyport

On beautiful days in Newburyport, it is common to find the sidewalks busy with groups of dogs and their owners. Newburyport is a dog friendly city offering off leash parks and plenty of water bowls available when out for a walk.

Parking Information

Whether your visiting Newburyport and need to know where to park or your a local and want to understand permit options, we hope you find our parking articles helpful.

Newburyport History


With history dating back to the 1600’s, Newburyport was well know for shipping and shipbuilding. Now, thanks to our devoted preservationists and historians, Newburyport museums, historic tours, monuments and festivals allow us to learn and respect our town’s past.

Asset Builder Awards, Newburyport

Community Outreach

Newburyport citizens are generous with time and money, helping to provide support for many important local causes.

Green Initiatives, Newburyport

Green Initiatives

There are many opportunities to go green in Newburyport. The local Newburyport community is constantly expanding Green Initiatives by developing policies that have a positive impact on our residents, our businesses and our schools.

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Health & Wellness

The Greater Newburyport Community is fortunate to have access to strong health care medical facilities and practices as well as many local businesses that provide products and services geared towards healthy living.

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Newburyport Services

The City of Newburyport works hard to provide many services that enhance quality of life for Newburyport residents and in many instances these services are available to visitors as well.

Schools & Education

Newburyport residents are fortunate to have the choice of highly ranked public schools as well as a variety of private school options in Newburyport and surrounding areas.