Updating the Outside of Your Home

By Debra Worthington, Newburyport.Com Correspondent
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Updating the Outside of your home is as important as the inside now that Spring is upon us! Take an inventory of your wood or brick siding, fences, driveway, windows, and doors!

As an Interior Designer for the inside of your home we are equally concerned with your home from the outside as well. Do you need some painting, staining or even a new roof?  It ALL MATTERS and now updating the outside of your home will keep your home and your value going up and up!

Painting, try a fresh new color and adding shutters or installing new windows so the fresh air can keep you COVID-19 safe is paramount these days.

Lighting as we always say is the probably the most important aspect of your home! Outside lighting for ‘way-finding’ or ambiance has so many options these days. As we live near the coast and the salt air can wreak havoc with many metals used outside. However, many companies are offering their designs in ‘marine-grade’ products, so just ask. Using a copper just remember it will patina to a green or verde finish over time!

This leads me to hardware companies like Baldwin and Classic Brass are both quality companies that will make your front or back door stand out and last for years. We refer to this as your ‘door jewelry’ and we can never have enough beautiful jewelry!

So how did your walkways and steps weather the New England winter? Updating the outside of your home’s walks can mimic a pattern you have on your home, so it brings continuity to your home. Using granite outside in New England is forever and you will be glad you spent the extra money to get durable products.

Windows are always an item that can keep your energy bills in line. If you had some window issues this past winter addressing them now will bring you peace of mind.

So, step it up and begin updating the outside of your home! View more interior and exterior design tips from local experts at Worthingington Interior Design.