Welcome Back Paul Rose Jr. – Brick & Ash GM & Friend to Many

By Laura Bentley, Newburyport.Com Correspondent
Owner of Newburyport.Com, Laura manages Business Development, Fundraising, the VIP Program, Blogging and the Events Calendar.
Paul Rose, Jr. Newburyport Welcome Back

I think I can speak for the Greater Newburyport Community in saying, welcome back Paul Rose Jr.! Paul is the General Manager Extraordinaire for Brick & Ash. He is an extremely positive person and always willing to do whatever it takes to ensure an exceptional customer experience. Paul truly motivates his staff and he leads by example, always striving for excellent results. Paul likes to compete so it was not surprising that he was very enthusiastic about the Yankee Homecoming Waiter & Waitress Races. 2021 was only the 2nd year for this event, which was designed to help highlight our restaurants and all of the great waitstaff who work hard to provide a positive dining experience. Way to go Cheryl Munick, the Event Chair!

I have a blast volunteering my time each year taking videos and helping advertise the Yankee Homecoming Events and because I have many local restaurant customers, I offered to reach out to owners and managers of my restaurant customers and encourage participation. Of course Paul was on that list. Because Paul leads by example, he rallied his staff and personally participated in the races. Paul didn’t just show up, he crushed it! I offered to come film a practice video prior to the races but Paul was on it! He took a video of staff from the Poynt and he made sure both Brick & Ash and the Poynt were prepared for race day! It was not surprising to see Brick & Ash win top 2021 restaurant, as the cup is awarded based on a combination of overall team spirit, team participation and performance.

Rather than rehashing scary part of the story, I prefer to focus on the fact that we are grateful for Paul’s return. I am not sure exactly what brought Paul Rose Jr. back to our Newburyport community but I am certain there were, lots of positive thoughts, many prayers, great medical care and certainly some strong determination from Paul. Make sure to stop in to Brick & Ash and welcome Paul back and if by chance you would like to help contribute to his medical expenses, a Paul Rose Go Fund Me account was established. Many folks have already donated but for my fellow Instagram lovers who tend to miss things that are only posted on facebook, you can use the Paul Rose Go Fund me link above to donate or share with others. I have also added this to our Newburyport VIP Bio since Instagram doesn’t provide the option for clickable links inside of posts and Go Fund Me is not user friendly with Instagram. Collectively we can help make a difference for Paul and his family. Thanks for Supporting Local!

If you somehow missed the Waiter & Waitress Races, here are the 2021 videos as well as Paul’s practice video for the Poynt.

Poynt Practice Video:

Waiter & Waitress Race Video:


Waiter & Waitress Picture Slideshow: