What is concierge medicine and Who are the Ideal Patients?

By Dr. Kay Ficht, Newburyport.com Correspondent
Kay A. Ficht, M.D. is an Internal Medicine physician who has been practicing in the Merrimack Valley for 20 years. He launched Your Choice Medical, an independent concierge medicine, primary care practice in Newburyport, MA, April 2017, with nurse practitioners, Anja Comeau and Melissa Maloney. They are accepting a limited number of patients. Kay A. Ficht is recipient of the 2017 Top Doctor Award selected by his highly regarded peers.
Your Choice Medical Internal Medicine
Concierge Medicine, Newburyport MA

Concierge medicine offers patients refreshing new options from traditional primary care.  According to Kay A. Ficht, M.D., owner of Your Choice Medical concierge medicine practice and a primary care, internal medicine physician in the Newburyport area for approximately 20 years, “concierge medicine varies from practice to practice, but typically in exchange for many convenient services, which may include additional time with the provider, real people answering the phone, availability for appointments, accessibility for the patients to communicate directly with the providers 24/7, as well as other services, concierge medicine physicians charge an annual fee.  In addition to the annual membership fee, concierge medicine patients are responsible for all fees associated with their insurance plans as well.”

Concierge Medicine has become a growing trend as patients and doctors seek a more personalized health care approach. People are surprised to learn Dr. Ficht’s patients are comprised of people from all walks of life from teachers, firefighters, seniors and other members of our communities. Concierge Medicine has developed out of a need.  People are so busy today with many different commitments that add day to day stress they are seeking solutions to simplify their lives. To the people who join a concierge practice the amount of time and frustration they save as well as the piece of mind they receive is worth the annual fee many times over.

As people age they become more concerned with health issues, aging well and having a reputable trusted local doctor who is available to them.  These are a few of the needs that concierge medicine addresses.  In addition, Your Choice Medical is an independent and unaffiliated concierge medical practice, which means that patients can see a specialist anywhere as long as their insurance plans will allow it.  Almost all traditional practices restrict patients to stay within a certain network.  Concierge Medical practices offer a change from the traditional style of primary care medical practices.