Young Newburyport Photographer Gains Instant Recognition

young Newburyport photographer, Newburyport MA

Young Newburyport photographer, Drew Finch instantly achieved significant recognition for his stunning photograph of the Newburyport Superior Court House. Get to know Drew and enjoy the story behind this amazing photograph.

Bartlet Mall” almost didn’t happen. I was walking through the park around 8 PM on the night of November 17th. It was a very clear night, the stars in the sky were intense, and it was exceptionally quiet in town. Nobody was walking about and traffic was light. I decided that I wanted to try and capture the The Superior Courthouse with the stars shining about it.

This would require a long exposure, which normally wouldn’t be a problem, but I didn’t have my tripod. My first few attempts were a blurry mess as the long exposure exposed all my hand movements. Almost giving up I went for a fifth and final try. Hand steadied as much as possible I captured what I thought was a decent shot. On the small LCD screen it looked like I had something good but it was hard to tell. It wasn’t until I returned home and uploaded the image to my computer that I realized I had something special. My dad shared the photo on Facebook and it just took off. The photo is now hanging at two stores in town and was entered in the Newburyport Art Association holiday show & sale. I have received requests to have the picture used on websites, covers of magazines, and in office buildings. It’s really been a fun experience and has further propelled my interest in the medium.

I first discovered a true passion for photography about three years ago. My grandmother would take me and my sister around Newburyport and other towns to take photos of nature. That Christmas I asked for a “real” camera and Santa delivered. Since then I’m in the practice of carrying my camera with me most every time I step out the door. My interests are in architectural, wildlife, landscape, and candid street photography. thanks Drew for sharing his story and we look forward to more from this talented young Newburyport photographer.