Colby Farm Sunflowers – End of Summer Fun!

What will you discover?

Visit the Sunflower Field & the Market!

The Colby Farm Sunflowers in Newbury, MA have become an annual end of summer tradition for many. The Sunflower field will be open for the 2022 season from Wednesday, August 24th through Sunday August 28th. Visit between 9 am – 6 pm on Wednesday and Thursday and from 9 am – 7 pm on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. There is no event/ticket cost, simply a $10 cash only parking fee.

This cherished annual event is an amazing opportunity to experience the natural beauty of this wonderful family run farm. Make sure to visit the farmstand after your trip to the sunflower field. Pick up fresh vegetables locally grown by Colby Farm and explore the many exceptional locally sourced products available in the market. If you enjoy supporting local small businesses, you can feel great about any purchase you make at Colby Farm!

Colby Farm and its farm stand are located just a few minutes from downtown Newburyport on Scotland Road in Newbury, MA. Here they sell many of their own freshly grown fruits and vegetables as well as locally sourced meats, dairy products, grains, and many wonderful sweet treats! The most important thing to know, is that Colby Farm is a leader amongst local farms, helping promote the importance of buying from local farms and other small business who work hard to provide top quality local consumables. Not only does Colby Farm sell many of their own products but they are an important supporter to other local small businesses who depend on Colby Farm to help provide awareness and generate sales for their locally made products.

In addition to the highly popular sunflower field and farmstand Colby Farm has tremendous experience in the hay business since 1960. Colby Farm harvests over 200 acres of hay annually and has become known as as a leading provider of quality hay for local farm animals.

Colby Farm is open from May, through December 24, when they sell Christmas trees, wreaths, baked goods and other seasonal items.

*Professional pictures courtesy of Jaimie Cuddire & Colby Farm