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VIP Program Related Questions:

  • When do Digital VIP Cards and Physical VIP Cards expire?  The expiration dates for Digital VIP Cards and Physical VIP Cards are different.  Digital VIP Cards are valid one year from purchase date.  View your Digital Card expiration by tapping the card image on your mobile device.  2024 Physical VIP Cards are available for purchase and are valid through 12/31/24.  All prior year Physical VIP Cards are expired and participating businesses have been asked not to accept expired cards. 
  • Why should I renew my VIP Card?  The Best of Newburyport VIP Program helps to support local nonprofits by giving back 40% of our card sale revenues to local charities. Our nonprofit partners receive a $10 donation from your initial purchase as well as every renewal order that you place. View the nonprofit partner list at the bottom of the order form.
  • Is the Digital VIP Card replacing the Physical VIP Card?  No, folks have a choice of displaying either a Physical VIP Card or the Digital VIP Card image on their mobile device.
  • Can the Physical VIP Card be shared?  Yes, physical VIP Cards can be shared, however only the card purchaser is recorded in our system as a valid customer. A few participating businesses utilize discount codes. will only provide these codes to valid card holders listed in our system.
  • Can a Digital VIP Card in the Newburyport App be shared?  No, login credentials are specific to one user and designed to function on only one device. Our order form offers an option to purchase one card for $25 or two cards for $40, providing a discount on the 2nd card.
  • Is there a charge to download the Newburyport App?  No, it is free to download the App and view all participating businesses and discounts, but you must make a purchase in order to receive login credentials enabling Digital VIP Card display.
  • How do I use my VIP Card to receive discounts?  There is no scanning of VIP Cards.  You simply show your Physical VIP Card or or TAP your Digital VIP Card when making a purchase.  From the “My VIP Card” tab in the App, tap the digital image of your VIP Card and show your phone to the VIP Business.  They will see the green ‌√ indicating your VIP Card is valid. If your card displays a red X this indicates it is time to renew your VIP Card.

Technical Support Questions:

    • How do I download the Newburyport App?  From your mobile device click the link below for either your Apple or Android device.
      • iOS/Apple click this link from your phone.
      • Android/Google click this link from your phone.


    • I don’t know the password for my Apple ID or Google ID. How can I reset my password?
      • iOS/Apple ID password reset, click this link  – click forgot Apple ID or password?
      • Android/Google ID password click this link  – follow steps to reset password.
  • How do I get reminders to use my Digital VIP Card?  If you answer yes/accept the location based questions that are asked as part of the App download process, you will receive reminders to use your VIP Card at locations nearby. If you have already download the App and answered no to these questions, go to your phone settings to turn on the reminders. Apple Users: select “settings” scroll down the list of Apps in your device and find “Newburyport” Location should say, always and Motion & Fitness needs to be turned on. Click on Notifications and make sure they are turned on. Background App & Cellular Data should also be turned on. Android Users: select “general”, “apps & notifications” and make sure that you allow/turn on “notifications” for “Newburyport.” Settings for Android devices are all different but notifications must be turned on/allowed in order to receive reminders.
  • How do I turn off the VIP Card App reminders?  App reminders can be turned off under your phone settings. Find “Newburyport” under your list of Apps. Change Location to Never, and turn off Motion & Fitness.
  • How do I get login credentials to utilize the Newburyport App?  Login credentials are sent via email at the time of VIP Card purchase and renewal.
  • What if I forget my passcode for my Digital VIP Card?  You can Reset Passcode from the login screen using the email address used to place your order.  If you don’t see the email within a couple of minutes, make sure to check your spam/junk folder.
  • Can I choose my passcode?  No, VIP Card passcodes are randomly generated, but they are rarely needed because the App will keep you logged in unless you choose to manually logout under the settings screen tab. Plus the passcode can always be reset.
  • Can I change the email address associated with the login of my Newburyport App?  Yes, you must first login to the App.  To change the email address, go to My VIP Card,  select settings in the top left corner of your screen, and tap the option to change email.
  • My Digital VIP Card image says 2020 or is an even older version of the VIP Card. How do I get my Digital VIP Card image to update in the Newburyport App?  Apple Users: click on the App Store, select updates from the menu at the bottom of the screen and scroll down until you find “Newburyport.” Select update and your card image will update. Android Users: click on the Play Store, click on the three lines in the top left corner of the screen and select “my apps & games” from the list. Select the tab that says “updates”, find “Newburyport” and click update. Some Android devices will simply update, and others will require you to uninstall and then reinstall the App. If you need phone support please fill out the support form as we are happy to give you a call to assist with any technical issues.
  • Will the Newburyport App operate on all devices?  It is designed to work on iOS/Apple and Android/Google devices.  It is possible that it may not work on certain older phone devices or software platforms.
  • Do I need to do an Apple or Google update to download the Newburyport App?  Both Apple and Google require users to do certain software updates before they will allow users to do App downloads or updates. Both Apple and Google also require uses to have a valid credit card on file in order to do any app downloads, even to download free apps.